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  1. Pedal extenders …anyone?

    Asked this in another thread. Got the below response. Not really a great idea to sit too close to the steering wheel for safety reasons. Has anyone tried to install pedal extenders in a Jeep Wrangler ??‍♂️ Wife really wants a Wrangler… Any thoughts? Experience / solutions here?
  2. 2022 Halloween Jeep Thread ? ??

    Post your Jeep Halloween stuff here! ?
  3. Quadratec Tire Upgrade Video

    This recently posted video is a great overview on Jeep tire options! For those of you looking to upgrade tires on your JL, watch this! Obviously it doesn’t cover “everything” associated with tire upgrades or impact to suspension/handling, but it is a good starting point for most people, and is...
  4. What’s your bra size? ?

    Anyone ever consider adding a Jeep bra? I would not. Let’s see where this goes…
  5. Any random dirtbag damage your Jeep lately?

    So, has anyone had some random dirtbag damage your Jeep lately? I was just finishing up installing some new doors off mirrors today when I saw this on the back passenger side just above the fender… Looks like somebody key’d it as they walked by. ? You can see where they started on the right...
  6. How Jeep knowledgeable are you, really?

    Rate yourself into one of the five categories! Let’s get a feel for the overall level of mechanical knowledge here!
  7. How would winning the $1B lottery affect your Jeep situation? ?

    Just wondering… With the mega-millions jackpot well over $1 billion, how would it affect you Jeep-wise if you won? Would you keep your current rig the way it is, or modify it? Trade it in and buy a new Jeep? Buy a dozen new Jeeps?? Or maybe you will only be interested in Bentley or Bugatti...
  8. What have you had fly out of your Jeep lately?

    Been driving around topless and with tube doors lately - tons of fun! ?? Had a small fast food receipt fly out of the bag while on the road the other day due to the wind (yes, I stopped and picked it up)…. Got me wondering: What have you had fly out of your open top Jeep while driving? ?
  9. Getting Over-Shipped on Orders

    Lots of folks on here complaining about getting short-shipped or mis-picked on Jeep parts orders. Some people also mentioned ordering and paying, but not receiving items. Well, I seem to have the opposite problem. Many times, I keep getting too much stuff! Some examples: Ordered 1 box of...
  10. Dealer Market Adjustment / Addendum / Evil Fees

    Kudos to the Rhode Island Attorney General for going after those crappy, unfair fees that dealers are tacking on to advertised prices on the backend! ?? This has been brought up numerous times on this forum, and it’s nice to see a state authority try to take this on!!! (Saw this on my local...
  11. Counting Jeep

    Some people count sheep to fall asleep. I count Jeep. Here we go… 1 Jeep… :LOL:
  12. Northern RI / Southern MA Jeeple

    Anyone around here in Northern RI or Southern MA? Looking for some local Jeepsters to meet and greet. Let’s grab a beer, food, and meet n greet! ??
  13. Handling with doors/top off?

    When you have doors and top off, do you notice a difference in handling or acceleration due to the weight difference? What about wind drag on the highway? Impact to MPG’s? Cornering?
  14. Jeep Jeopardy Categories

    Was reading a couple of the "what part is this" threads, and it got me thinking... What would be some good Jeep Jeopardy Categories? Let's play! ;) MOPAR PARTPOURRI - We'll show you a picture of a MOPAR part, and you provide what it is. DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO - A category on different types of...
  15. Places NOT to park your Jeep with the top/doors off

    What are some places that you definitely do NOT want to park your Jeep with the doors/top off? With all the considerations around theft, vandalism, and weather - what are some of the more high risk places to avoid? My first thoughts are: - Not in a bad part of town - Way in the back of a...
  16. SuperBowl Poll

    Had to post one. Who should I bet my Jeep upgrade budget for 2022 on? :LOL:
  17. RI Inspection / tire poke

    Living in R.I. Got a new ‘21 Jeep Wrangler 2 door in June of 2021. Upgraded the stock Michelin tires and OEM wheels to new Pro Comp Series 33 matt black wheels size 17x9 (4.75 backspace / -6 offset) with Falken Wildpeak AT3W 285 70 r17 tires. Love the look and the ride! But now I’m concerned...
  18. Beware the Little Trees!!!

    Apparently you need to be careful where you hang your air fresheners. I had a "Little Tree" air freshener hanging on my shifter, and the chemicals in it severely cracked the plastic trim! We checked my wife's car because she had a similar air freshener in the same spot, and the same thing...
  19. The Jeep Ten Commandments

    The old 1956 film "The Ten Commandments" with Charlton Heston was on TV a couple nights ago, and it got me wondering... If Moses came down from Mt. Rubicon with a couple of stone tablets that had the "Jeep Ten Commandments" on them, what would they be? Thou shalt...discuss.