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  1. Winch Mount for Plastic Bumper

    I’m not familiar enough with plastic work to answer that with any real authority but I think it is too thick to heat through enough for bending.
  2. Uniclutch

    Atlas build date confirmed for the 29th, so I’m waiting until March to do it all in one shot. When/if it engages as you say I’ll be back to let you guys know.
  3. Towing Cross-Country with 2 Door JL

    UHAUL sells straps for oversized tires that will accommodate up to Rubi sized tires. I bought a set and they worked with my penske trailer. I’ve moved from MI to CA to NY to WA to VA. You do NOT want to be anywhere near your vehicle’s weight rating limits on those drives. My 2 worst moves were...
  4. Best LSD for 2024 Wrangler Sport

    Post a photo looking at the diff cover. I don’t have the link handy with the example photos.
  5. Recommended amount of balance beads?

    I run around 25 on 39’s just to keep the TPMS active without alerts.
  6. Doing my first 19a Clutch recall today

    Hard to say, we’re simplifying millions of little decisions and implications. The longer they drag their feet, the more enthusiasts will go aftermarket. And we’re their most vocal group. What supplier agreements do they have. Did another warranty liability come in under cost to allow them to...
  7. Jeep Clubs Liability?

    My last club’s bookkeeper told us insurance was crazy expensive for a club. We were struggling to find venues for club meetings and I had several free venues but they required proof of general liability insurance. Also, the umbrella isn’t for the Jeep event. It’s just a general asset protection...
  8. Jeep Clubs Liability?

    I can’t answer the Jeep specific part, but generally an umbrella policy is the next step after auto, health, and home are covered. Specifically once you have a positive net worth this becomes a good idea and is generally quite cheap. It steps in to protect your assets so your 401k doesn’t get...
  9. Doing my first 19a Clutch recall today

    Everything you mentioned is valid, but ultimately doesn’t directly impact financial statements. Now, when a warranty issue is formalized the projected costs become an accountable event. As long as they keep patching software the warranty liability (for a financial statement, not the same as a...
  10. Rear control arms drop brackets

    Hmm, have you considered long arm rear instead? But if it’s a pavement only vehicle I guess rear drop brackets wouldn’t hinder it the way I’d be concerned about on my rig.
  11. Doing my first 19a Clutch recall today

    No sunk costs for the aftermarket company. Stellantis is effectively doubling and tripling down on a bad position to delay recognizing the loss of those sunk costs.
  12. Rural to City Jeep

    No harder at all. The electrical connector and fluid connector have a holding bracket inside the rear cargo area so they don’t interfere once disconnected.
  13. Rural to City Jeep

    A JL needs the hardtop from the factory to have the wiring and fluid lines. If you start with a soft top there are kits to add it, but you can save time by having it factory. Plus soft tops are easy to find in the member sales here.
  14. Rural to City Jeep

    I learned manual in Los Angeles. It didn’t bother me, concerns about stop-and-go are overblown. You just hold lower gears longer and anticipate traffic better. Totally calmed down my driving, assholes didn’t work me up anymore. It wasn’t worth the clutch wear to deny them their stupid merges...
  15. Re-gear

    If you start thinking of a regear I would highly recommend you compare to an axle swap instead. Rubicon 4.1’s would handle those 35’s fine. Then you don’t have to go through the nightmare if finding someone competent that will stand by their work if something goes wrong with the gear setup.
  16. Car Jackers Couldn't Drive A Manual Transmission

    I had a suspected relay attack on one of my cars 2 months ago. I came out of the grocery store and it was unlocked with the ignition in run. No more jokes from me, and luckily I never crossed paths with any would be thief or carjacker. I try to avoid parking near exits now.
  17. Need a new air pump/air compressor they keep breaking

    400P automatic maxes at 30A, much more manageable. I personally have been running one for 3 years using the 7-pin. Granted, I don’t air up 4 39’s that way, but I’ll air up smaller tires or use that compressor for 1 39 at a time while servicing them.
  18. Need a new air pump/air compressor they keep breaking

    As ling as you don’t lengthen anything, no. The Jeep wiring is meant to support that load and the compressor wiring is too.
  19. Need a new air pump/air compressor they keep breaking

    Home Depot example. Connect the compressor (max 30A pull) to Pin 1 and 4.
  20. Need a new air pump/air compressor they keep breaking

    I have a new phone so I don’t have original photos handy. Basically, cut the alligator clips and use a 7-pin trailer plug from any box store. I think the JL supports 30A this way. https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/JL-Wiring-Diagrams/TRAILER-TOW-SYSTEM.pdf