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  1. Looking for feedback

    What is the source of this information?
  2. New Member Advice

    What he said. There are a few other brands but Bestop is the most popular.
  3. Third Time is the Charm Alaska Trip Plan: 4 months of Jeeping, Hiking and Camping in 19 States and Canada!

    Good to see you are finally able to make this trip. Safe travels. BTW, this is the cleanest I have seen your Jeep for quite some time. I have seen way too many stories of people getting injured because they didn't keep a sensible distance from wild animals.
  4. Lift Kits and Shocks - MetalCloak GC vs Clayton Offroad

    Both choices are good. I would expect you to get good reviews for each product. Make sure you understand the additional requirements that come with 37's.
  5. Well…my 2024 sport tire blew up today

    :LOL: Here we go now. Once you start, it is hard to stop
  6. Which Lift Kit should I pick

    It is so funny to see the discussion start at 35's and end up at 37's. How many times have I seen this kind of thing. It usually starts out with "I only want..." Then down the rabbit hole you go.
  7. Which Lift Kit should I pick

    Hmmm... Lots of good lift kits out there. You have mentioned 3.5" kits. That might be a bit high for 35's. They might make your tires look small and leave lots of space between the tires and the fenders. Most replies have mentioned 2.5" kits. That sounds like good advice to me...
  8. Fixing the "death wobble"

    The posts on this forum do not suggest that the vehicles are leaving the factory with defective suspension parts. The ones I have read suggest that death wobble started after the Jeeps had been driven for a while. The after market suspension parts are more robust and durable than the factory...
  9. Fixing the "death wobble"

    Death wobble is usually caused by worn suspension parts. The steering stabilizer will provide you with some relief because it will lessen the effects caused by the worn parts. Identifying which parts are worn and changing them will stop death wobble. Installing a steering stabilizer will...
  10. Stellantis just fired hundreds of engineers [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    There have been some big discounts on the Gladiators which has helped to move the 2023 models of the dealer lots. Let us wait and see what happens with the Wranglers.
  11. Lift vs larger tires for better offroad performance?

    Both. The bigger tires will allow you to go over larger obstacles. The lift will allow your bigger tires to go over larger obstacles without rubbing on the body of the vehicle. You may not need as much as 3 inches to facilitate 35's. This might make the tires look small and leave a gap...
  12. Stellantis just fired hundreds of engineers [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Sales are declining because Wranglers are currently over priced. That is an easy fix.
  13. Stellantis just fired hundreds of engineers [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    From what I understand, Wranglers are one of the company's most profitable products. I would expect them to continue manufacturing them.
  14. The more I research the more confused I get.

    If you really lke the look of 37's, you will never be happy with 35's. The heart wants what the heart wants. With 37's there are some additional expenses that you need to think about. Do some research on the options to replace the factory spare tire carrier. The 37's are often bigger and...
  15. 2024 Jeep Wrangler Aux Switches & Rubicon Locker Buttons Install

    It is beginning to make sense now. They have added Xtreme Recon axles to the Sport. The Rubicon connections should work seamlessly with these axles. I would have done this before buying the wheels, however. I would expect these axles to be wider than the Sport axles. Will the offset that...
  16. Skiing Behind Jeep on Glacial Lake

    I live in Jamaica. I cannot imagine that type of cold. It sounds like fun but I am going to pass.
  17. 2024 Jeep Wrangler Aux Switches & Rubicon Locker Buttons Install

    Dirt Road Cred has featured a kit from Z Automotive that allows you to add factory aux switches and Rubicon locker buttons to a Sport model. Has anyone done this? Would you prefer aftermarket switches? What are your thoughts? @Roky? I know you do this kind of stuff...
  18. “Death Wobble” resolved quickly…?

    I suspect almost every single topic this week will have had an earlier thread. This is the nature of forums. I don't mind that much. It gives me something to read when I am taking a break from work.
  19. Jeep stolen by theft ring in Toronto

    From what I understand, many of the luxury vehicles get shipped overseas and sold there.
  20. “Death Wobble” resolved quickly…?

    LOL!!! To be fair, DW can be a difficult issue to resolve. It sometimes takes a while to go through and identify which worn components are at fault. I understand why the issue keeps coming up on the forum.