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  1. Maryland Smittybilt Overlander Roof Top Tent (2783) - NEW

    This would be great on a Trailer
  2. Bestop SunScreen: JL Sunshade for Sunrider for Hardtop released!!

    I received my Retractable Sunrider a few weeks ago, didn't apply for the Rebate. Why ? The hassle getting it not worth the effort. The Retractable Sunrider is great, overpriced, but works well.
  3. New York Sahara wheels and AT tires for sale - make an offer please!

    How much do you want for these ? I'm in zip 13475
  4. 5w20 oil for 2.0L??

    Don't want to waste it ? Sell it to someone who can use it, stick with the manual- recommended oil for the 2.0T. There are several reasons for doing this, as you will discover.
  5. Will you buy another Wrangler?

    Well, the people that want old style TJs or CJs don't care about the enhanced Safety features of the JL, or the much improved fuel economy, easy to overlook. My 2 Dr Sport JL, 2.0T, E-Torque, gets in the mid to high 20s on Regular gas, is fun to drive. Right now, a Keeper, despite the old TJs...
  6. Dealership/ STAR/Jeep Wave/ ALL TERRIBLE

    First off, the Posters Jeep is a 2.0, with E torque, so back to basics. The 12volt battery is charged from the 48v battery, so see if it is charging, and if the original battery is taking the charge. Does it test well under a load test ? These are things you can do, without involving a Dealer.
  7. Wrangler: How It's Made Video -- Exclusive access to the Jeep Wrangler assembly plant by Trail Recon

    I counted at least 15 2 doors, glad to see them !! A great video, shows how much is " robotics "
  8. How do you use your 2-door back seat?

    Could you show what's underneath that storage area ? Thanks !
  9. What does your car really know about you?

    I am hoping my base Sport has no " refresh to manufacture " , the last Privacy model...
  10. How much of a pain is it to swap front stock tow hooks?

    Don't like the color ? Paint them
  11. Dorman metal oil filter housing replacement?

    A lot of parts are made in China, is this one of the few that is Not ??
  12. 2.0 engine Turned on when warm with weird sound

    What oil and filter are you using,? Hopefully the recommended oil and filter for the 2.0 T you see in the manual. Hard to determine without this factor being taken into account.
  13. So 14 states are going to be electric/ hybrid on lots, that means no 2 doors

    Well, this pretty much guarantees I keep my 2018 2Dr 2.0, E torque, for ever. DOB October, 2018. Basic Sport, with LSD rear. Thanks, Jeep.
  14. JL vs JLU Front Seat Difference?

    I have 4dr seat covers on my 2 Dr, the upper trim handle is the only difference. The side air bag is the same, so if you don't have rear seat passengers, you are good to go.
  15. Is there any real purpose to the backup camera bezel?

    The casting acts as protection for the camera. Sun, rain, dirt, without it. I made a plastic shield for mine, on the set of alloys for my Sport. Easy to do, and well worth the effort.
  16. Review: Lasfit Stealth Anti-Theft Smart Hood Lock Installed on 2022 Jeep Wrangler 392

    A minor point,but the Bolt Hood Lock uses the JL key contained in the Fob. The Front Camera does have to be moved.
  17. What are you surprised Jeep DIDN'T include on the 2024?

    For 2 DOORS ; Removeable side windows for hard tops ; Plastic/rubber floor liners, the rear kit included That's it.
  18. Armorlite JL Floor System

    The 2 door rear section is about to come out, Yippee ! Hopefully , not over priced !
  19. 2018 2.0 turbo not cranking

    Your 12v battery might be bad, if original. Put a multitester on the 2 terminals while someone gets to start it. What does the display read, low voltage ? If so, replace the original battery. If voltage is over 12v, look at terminals, they could be loose or dirty. The 48v battery charges your...