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  1. Texas Sold: New XR Springs and Shocks from JLUR $300

    I have 4 springs and 4 shocks new from a JLUR. This spring combination came off a JLURXR, 3.6 etorque, hard top, tow pkg, plastic bumpers. F Driv - 68540188AB F Pass - 68540189AB R Driv - 68540225AA R Pass - 68580836AA May ship depending on location.
  2. Texas JLU 3.6 EVO engine and front axle disconnect skids

    Engine skid used for one OR trip, has scratches. Went with all ASFIR setup. Disco skid test fit and did not fit due to clearances with Fox SS. Make offer. In DFW, TX. Do not want to ship.
  3. Rubicon shocks

    from a 2019 JLUR with 15k miles. Upgraded to Fox. No leaks. $40 or Best offer.
  4. Texas Rubi Red Shocks

    I have 4 rubi shocks with 10k miles. How is $50? No leaking and road fine, swapped to fox. Not willing to ship yet.
  5. 4XE Rubi Coils on JLUR

    Can anyone confirm that Rubi 4XE coils will add 1" lift to a Stock 3.6 Rubi? I know there are differences in the hardtop, metal bumper and such options. I've also seen the coil chart per Wrangler model but it does not have the 4XE option on it. Thank you!
  6. JLUR EVO Engine Skid Plate Long Term Test Review

    Installed the engine skid over 2,000 miles ago and many hard offroading trips. It is definitely worth its weight to protect the engine. It has many scars as expected. What i do not like about this skid or any engine skid that does not have a cross member is that the frame in fact tweaks bc of...
  7. Jeep JL Toe Settings

    All, i searched and have not seen much data from individuals on which specific toe settings are truly working on the JLs. I have seen a few posts that 1/8" to 1/4" toe IN is best. Have also seen folks using dead center 0* and even some that have toe OUT cases. What specific TOE is working...
  8. Texas Sold: Jeep JL Grey Dash Panels Brand New

    I have both brand new dash panels in grey for sale. I am looking for $250 for both.
  9. Best Vendor for these mods?

    I am looking to buy Extreme Terrain rock rails, smitty 9,500 winch and winch plate for JL. Who is the best contact for these items? Thank you!