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  1. Considering used 2023 Sahara - but no 'Sahara' decal / VIN lookup / Decal?

    Good advice. If it is very stubborn you very gently can use a razor blade, but hopefully fingernail will do the trick. If not careful with the razor you can get into the clear coat.
  2. Trade value 1 year old Rubi XR?

    I suggest figuring out the number you want from a trade, sounds like $46k? Then figure out the tax break you will get. I don’t know your state rules but say that number brings you to $49k. With new Jeep prices still being high, list it yourself. By trading in you are losing money on the table...
  3. Jeep Wranglers best engine

    I see your 2.5L, and raise you the 2.4L
  4. Up to 9.5% below invoice on JL orders

    Bought my '21 from Criswell. Dealt with Leon who I would recommend. No nonsense guy and we did everything over email and text.
  5. [video] Chirping/Squeaking noise from brakes or suspension? What is it?

    Reviving an old post, but my '21 JLU just started doing this. Noticing the chirp when I tap the brakes. Anyone ever find another solution? Glad to hear so far, only being annoying for others and not performance related.
  6. Jack Stands being safe

    Yeah, 1 tire at a time when I do rotations as I use my spare as the 5th.
  7. Jack Stands being safe

    Correct, ramps for oil change, and tire rotations you can use a floor jack.
  8. Jack Stands being safe

    I never use the jack stands as the main support for the vehicle. I always use them as the secondary fail safe.
  9. Ranking Every Generation of the Wrangler

    Because I have 2 boys I haul around all the time. If I didn't have kids to drive around, I wouldn't need a 4 door Wrangler.
  10. Ranking Every Generation of the Wrangler

    I voted TJ because I owned all 4 and it was my favorite all around. Easy to work on and fun to drive. But the JL is the best to daily drive in my current life situation. Hopefully a TJ will be in my future again.
  11. Jeep dealer throwing parts at a noise.

    Was going to say the same thing. I had this issue and it took the dealer 3 days to isolate it even after I asked them to check it.
  12. How would you spend $500

    Get what you want. Save a little more and get the sliders. Otherwise you will want them down the road but have already spent the free $500.
  13. 392 pricing

    Just send a bunch of emails or call the sales managers in the area and ask for their best OTD price on in stock 392's. Or find the one you like and ask for X amount of dollars off. Worst they do is counter. Pretty easy to buy new vehicles right now.
  14. Selling price for my JEEP

    Nice Jeep. I would list privately for sure. Might take a while to find the right buyer, otherwise you are going to lose so much trading in or quickly cashing out. I sold my last Jeep on the FB marketplace pretty quickly.
  15. Jeep/Dodge Having Problems Selling???

    I just got 2.9% for 48 months.
  16. To Dealer or Not-to-Dealer. That is the question.

    I would call and ask the service manager if they would take a look at it under warranty. If you don't like the answer or they can't look at it for a while, I would just take care of it myself.
  17. Totaled or no?

    If it is totaled, be sure to strip all the aftermarket gear off if you can.
  18. Mechanic's comprehensive tech review of Jeep Wrangler 4XE

    I really enjoy his reviews. I have been a fan for a little while. His background is Toyota, so he is a stickler for quality. His review on the CX-5 sold my wife into buying one recently.