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  1. What is this warning light on my JL

    Or that there is a UFO preparing to abduct you.
  2. What is this warning light on my JL

    Isn't that like 6,750?
  3. 2024 Sahara Regear Question

    I just setup Spicer 4.56's in my rear and they went in with very little drama, setup so easy I thought I was missing something. LOL! I'm doing the front Dana 30 next weekend. I was hoping to have the first 500 on the rear set before doing the front but it is hard to get 500 miles in doing...
  4. Auto transmission slipping (I think??)

    This IS the reputation that Jeep has had for the last 30-40 years since Chrysler bought them. Its gotten a bit worse since the whole FCA/Stellantis M&A activities.
  5. 2.0 Catastrophic failure at 90k

    Water can be compressed, it just takes an exponential amount more force to do it.
  6. OEM Shock Leak

    They're super easy bolt on top and bolt and nut on bottom. I believe they are 18mm/each. Edit: you do have to pull the fender liner back a bit to get to the top bolt, like others have said they're very easy to do on the Wrangler, much easier than any of my Hondas.
  7. Gear Question

    Total waste of time. IMHO 4.88s would be overkill, I'm putting 4.56 gears in my 6MT and absolutely love it and can't wait to get bigger tires. If I was sticking with factory sized tires on my manual, I'd have probably put in 4.10's like the Rubicon has.
  8. New to Jeeps - looking at JL Wrangler Sport S

    +1 on this, make sure that your Jeep has the Dana 44 axle on the rear end if it is a sport. I bought my base JLUS 6MT off the lot and knew nothing about axles. I lucked into the fact that it had the Limited Slip Differential as one of the very few options. I just regeared the rear-end and...
  9. Auto Stop Start Disabled, Gear Display Blanked, and Reverse Cam doesn't come on.

    So.... I used my JSCAN app and it showed a P08A6 code in the advanced scan which I had to scan for while the engine was running and Auto Start Stop indication was displayed. I did a little research and I needed to perform an "M/V Relearn Procedure" which calibrates the engine speed to wheel...
  10. Auto Stop Start Disabled, Gear Display Blanked, and Reverse Cam doesn't come on.

    Yeah, my batteries are original from March of 2021. I may go for the Aux delete and a new main battery. The Jeep sat for two weeks on stands as I found the time here and there to work the regear and learn. This issue may be just coincidental with and have nothing to do with the regear.
  11. Auto Stop Start Disabled, Gear Display Blanked, and Reverse Cam doesn't come on.

    So, I've regeared the rear axle and the first test drive went great, no grind, no whine, smooth accels and decels. During test drive after the first half mile, my auto stop start threw an error, gear display blanked and the reverse cam doesn't go on. Restart the Jeep everything works great...
  12. Jeep Dealer Claiming Oil Pan Dent Cracked the Engine

    Like many here, I call BS on the dealership's claim. Find another dealer, my delivering dealer's service department SUCKED, so I found another local dealer. Night and day difference. I don't typically use dealerships except for warranty work and my 3 Jeep wave oil changes (6 quarts each).
  13. Could someone please check my patterns?

    Backlash right at 4 thousanths.
  14. Could someone please check my patterns?

    I really think this looks good, but would like a 2nd opinion. It is not rubbing the heel or toe of the gear and is deep enough but not rubbing the paint off the base of the ring gear. @chevymitchell
  15. Master Rebuild Kit Part, what is this?

    LOL! I figured it out, it is meant to squeeze the end of the tube of included RTV. Ha!
  16. Master Rebuild Kit Part, what is this?

    Most of the parts of the Dana 44 rebuild kit are self explanatory, but what is this used for? It is some sort of blue plastic pin, looks like it is for setting something up.
  17. Final Edition Production Start

    100.5G MSRP for a Jeep. LOL!
  18. Pinion Shim Value

    This worked! It was a real effort to keep it down in the vise, I was holding it down while my neighbor leaned into my big Tq wrench. Now I know why they don't have you reuse the bolts as once you lean into it that hard, it's one and done. Tried the tire and axle trick solo and used the...
  19. Pinion Shim Value

    Maybe a shallow Are you talking here?
  20. Pinion Shim Value

    Yeah, it's a truetrac so there is nothing to clamp to. I thought of a big azz vise with rubber pads, but 135 lb-ft is a lot. I'm sure most shops are like "135lb-ft, sounds like 6-7 duggas", dugga-dugga-dugga.....