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  1. Manual transmission gearing

    Possibly but I'm not that high even in NC (3900ft) and I've tried several different gas brands and octanes with no noticeable difference
  2. Clutch temperature report

    Bummer I was hoping to have a meter on my phone
  3. Clutch temperature report

    This was stop and go on a mountain side. Move 10ft from a stop up a hill. Stop move 10ft from a stop up a hill. Stop. You never get the fully engaged. I'm sure it was sliping a little but no more so than any car in a similar situation.
  4. Clutch temperature report

    Seems like if it's data the jeep uses, it should be reportable
  5. Manual transmission gearing

    This is so counter to my 4 cylinder experience. I always tried to keep it under 3000 and this usually worked in all situations
  6. Manual transmission gearing

    I assume this negatively affects mileage?
  7. Clutch temperature report

    Came up as a warning on the dash screen
  8. Manual transmission gearing

    I'm fairly new to jeeps so please forgive me if this has been talked to death. I've had my jlur for several weeks driving it around atlanta with no issues. This weekend we drove to the NC mountains and I am noticing a huge gap between some off the gears. Driving up a curvy steep incline I...
  9. Clutch temperature report

    While in stop and go traffic in a hilly area I got the clutch temperature warning. I'm curious if anyone knows of a way to report this temperature with jscan or some other scanner
  10. 2024 JLUR with slight hesitation

    Sounds like this might be part of the automatic transmission. Does this affect the manual transmission?
  11. 2024 JLUR with slight hesitation

    Sounds similar. Mine isn't fuel though. I've tried all grades from various stations
  12. Odd sound between 2800-3100rpm

    I'm seeing the same thing around 2000 rpm but in more than just 3rd. Mainly when I'm cruising or gently accelerating.
  13. 2024 JLUR with slight hesitation

    Only 1400 miles. I was unaware it was learning. How long does that go on?
  14. 2024 JLUR with slight hesitation

    I recently picked up a 2024 JLUR manual. Anyone else noticing a slight hesitation on the new 3.6? Not significant but noticeable. It usually happens when cruising along at ~2000 rpm. It may just be normal in a jeep but I am curious if I should be concerned.
  15. Altimeter calibration

    I have not but I'll try it on my errands this morning
  16. Altimeter calibration

    I would have guessed it was triangulated from satellite fixes just like I assume your lat-long is established. I assume that's how your phone would do it. Also I may have no idea what I'm talking about.
  17. Altimeter calibration

    I should have added that i'm basing the 80 ft on a topographic map from a land survey for the job site. It is likely that the jeep and the topo map are using different datum but they shouldn't be that far off. Also I shouldn't have been negative without a lot of engine trouble 8)
  18. Altimeter calibration

    Cool app. I was using a different one. In this case I'm really just hoping to get the jeep in the ball park.
  19. Altimeter calibration

    In my case I was comparing it loosely to a project site I was on in South Georgia where I know the elevation is in the 80s but I was registering -20s. I'm not looking for it to be accurate to the inch or anything but it should be close