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  1. Sky Top Handle Bars

    Handel you say? Yes I can hum a few bars.
  2. My OCD is kicking in 5 bolts on spare

    3 lug nuts bothers me a lot less than a tow hook only on the driver’s side. First year I owned the Jeep I spent a lot of time trying to Google a solution, finally decided I didn’t care that much.
  3. 2024 Electric Jeep Wagoneer - 0-60 in 3.4

    I have a 4xe. It’s been a dumpster fire of unreliability.
  4. 2024 Electric Jeep Wagoneer - 0-60 in 3.4

    Still don’t want it.
  5. Bestop BS

    I just paid $13.33 to ship a $28 mast antenna. I misplaced my stock antenna and lease return. Oops. Oh well.
  6. Bestop BS

    You guys should buy motorcycle parts. I’m restoring a vintage bike and I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve put together a big order and then forgotten a bolt or nut or some other insiginificant $2 part and I get to pay $5-10+ shipping again. here was one from the other day.
  7. Buy 2024 Willys XR or keep 2021 Rubicon 4XE?

    I’m in the process of getting rid of my Rubicon 4xe for a gas Willy’s. A gas Rubicon is too rich for my blood and I don’t need the extra capability. I’ll be just fine with a rear locker and no sway bar disconnect. I got tired of 4xe shenanigans and just want a simple gas Jeep (V6).
  8. Missing 20mm and 16mm Sockets

    Trust me you really don’t. -Guy who just used a Leatherman to pull a splinter of out my hand in the parking lot from this weekend’s project
  9. Missing 20mm and 16mm Sockets

    You can just use a crescent wrench to round the heads of any bolts you don’t have the socket for. Follow me for more pro mechanic tips.
  10. You bought the wrong vehicle.

    I love going off-road and I’ve done it a few times before. The simple matter is that the options to do so are few and far between where I live. I’m jealous of those who live in a place where it is more readily accessible.
  11. You bought the wrong vehicle.

    I have seen this video on the hub before.
  12. You bought the wrong vehicle.

    “If you’re gay, and a guy has a big one, is that like, a good thing? Or no?” -Travis Kelce
  13. You bought the wrong vehicle.

    You and me both, sister.
  14. New to Jeeps - looking at JL Wrangler Sport S

    I still say the HT has never been standard on a lower level Jeep. Maybe on something like a High Altitude? But sport/sport S/Willys/Rubicon at least all have ST standard/HT optional since 2018.
  15. You bought the wrong vehicle.

    I thought I bought it because I was a gay Asian flight attendant. What a relief to find out I just have a small dick.
  16. You bought the wrong vehicle.

    What do I do if I have a small 🍆 and can’t afford a Porsche? Asking for, uhhh, a friend, of course.
  17. You bought the wrong vehicle.

    It is hard. There’s basically nothing else available. Wrangler and Bronco. Maybe Mustang convertible? But that’s not as comfortable for 4 as Wrangler/Bronco. They are the only game.
  18. You bought the wrong vehicle.

    Jeep people tend to forget that there’s another HUGE reason people buy Wranglers: it was the only way to get a 4dr convertible or even a relatively affordable convertible that can comfortably haul 4 people + luggage (until Bronco came out). This appeals to A LOT of people, and not all of these...