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  1. El Camino del Diablo

    Any devil’s hwy enjoyers? Really nice weather we are having about now… made me think, yknow I haven’t been in five years.. Hopefully it’s not turned into a busy popular thing, being alone out there was a major part of the appeal
  2. Arizona WTT - Trade Your Hellayella JL half doors for my White JL half doors

    I have not painted these like new white doors to match my Jeep yet, and realized maybe someone is around with same issue and we can save ourselves some dough. Seems a shame to repaint such flawlessly fresh white doors, when we could just trade them instead. I put them on one day briefly but...
  3. Bare exposed tailgate metal from tire carrier upgrade

    The new (steel, powdercoated) carrier does not fully cover the two exposed oem tailgate hinge areas - any ideas what to do to protect these areas, sealant wise? Came across some things, don't know what does/does not apply in this situation...
  4. Arizona Sold: Want to Trade: New in box standard half door uppers for premiums

    My soft top is premium so looking to trade my new standard half door uppers for matching premium version
  5. Arizona Sold: WTB Half doors for 2 door Jl

    Anywhere in the state would work
  6. Accessory mounts for tire carrier

    Just wondering if any of you tinkerers & home fabricators have come up with any mounts for your tire carrier, like a hi-lift jack or Nato can etc?
  7. Maxtrax plate

    FYI, for anyone buying this new mounting plate, you’ll want the 17mm pins not the 40mm length. Trust me
  8. Mopar 82215387 Removable Roof Rack

    Who has managed to get maxtrax & a flat rotopax up there, anyone? (https://www.quadratec.com/p/mopar/removable-roof-rack-kit-jeep-wrangler-jl) Figure this thing could do the trick...
  9. Awnings

    Has anyone got a 270 degree type awning going on? Really don't want a roof rack but seems to be only real way to mount one of these awnings. Who has a roof rack & do you recommend yours Only awning I've found without a roof rack (adhesive anchors on roof) is the Moonshade and that's just a...
  10. Ethanol mixes ok in Jeep?

    Would like to assume US made cars should be ok, but some imports may start throwing codes? Haven’t had time to look it up properly yet anyone have any input? Heard bad for gaskets & orings...
  11. Stoves that fit well on tailgate tables

    Anyone know of a good stove that has a removable lid? I like my tailgate table but these stoves all seem to have lids that will block my table's built in light. Jetboil Genesis 2 just seems kind of goofy for such a high price.
  12. So where is it lads?

    Let's gooo
  13. Freaky blue plus symbols?

    Wtf are these symbols, anyone know? Zoom in and they disappear or scatter randomly... click one and it just routes to a random point.. this jeep is trolling me
  14. Rubicon stock wheel travel

    Anyone know the exact amount in inches?
  15. Bimini top

    Anyone know of something as close as possible to the old Defender 90 bimini top? Always liked it; haven't really seen anything close enough yet
  16. Distance between hard top torx head screws?

    Can someone with a 4 door do me a favor & measure the distance between the two furthest-forward/closest to front of vehicle torx head screws keeping the hard top on? Powertank wont sell me the JL mounting bracket b/c they don’t know if the 2 door has different measurements.
  17. Ohhh no.

    I'm going to have to drive something else for a few days until this blows over http://www.thedrive.com/news/26944/watch-a-lifted-jeep-wrangler-get-stuck-on-a-tiny-snow-pile-in-a-parking-lot
  18. Swing gate wear patch

    Anyone else have this worn area? Down to metal on mine.
  19. Steel rear bumper alignment

    Whoa, my first scratch is from the OEM bumper itself rubbing against the body. No I have not rock crawled or hit it on anything, it was either pushed in during transport? But more likely installed wrong or malformed altogether imo. Check your gaps at the corners, it’s pretty bad. Bigger gap on...