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  1. how NOT to apply bondo

    At least you didn’t do this with it!
  2. Longevity. How long do you plan to keep and drive your Jeep?

    The limiting factor is the electronics. For example, how many 80/90’s vehicles do you see compared to 70’s vehicles? The JL is no different. I plan on ripping out as much electronics as I can to get rid of worthless nanny features and big brother crap while keeping the engine/transmission...
  3. Road Noise

    Awhile ago there was a post about adding foam inside the freedom panels, but I don’t remember if it helped much or not. I m thinking of trying to add the foam over the summer.
  4. Next Wrangler J70 - no ICE only option! To be sold only as Hybrid PHEV and EV

    The last 10 years that I worked in Chicago, anytime the summer temperatures were above 85 degrees, the power companies would pay our TV station to go “off grid” by using our backup generator. The Hancock building and Sears tower also would use their generators occasionally. I’m sure there were...
  5. Next Wrangler J70 - no ICE only option! To be sold only as Hybrid PHEV and EV

    :LOL: Absolutely NOT! 3X cost and will work as well as a McDonald’s ice cream machine.
  6. Next Wrangler J70 - no ICE only option! To be sold only as Hybrid PHEV and EV

    IMHO, I’m calling BS on the whole thing. Ford is hemorrhaging money on every EV truck they try to sell. The state mandates are virtue signaling. In reality they will bankrupt the industry. The electrical grid can’t handle demand as it is, much less any extra demand from charging at home. Our...
  7. Front End Friday!! Show those Front Ends off

    Ok guys, question: D-rings or no D-rings?
  8. A duck from the Grand Ole Opry

    I’m in Nashville helping my daughter pack up her dorm room and I got this!
  9. 2024 JLUR XR CV Front Axle

    I have ripped boots in the past on other vehicles. My last one was a year and a half ago on my GL450. I was on an overlanding trip going fishing. The CV boot on the GL isn’t exposed as much as they are on my Rubi. I should have specified a little more on the term “off road”. Rock crawling...
  10. FAD Delete on 2024 Rubicon X w/ 35 inch tire package

    I ordered my Rubi XR without 4Hi-auto for the same reason and I got the CV boots anyway :mad: You reminded me that I have to make or find a steel plate to protect the boot.
  11. Not sure what to believe

    Agreed. I misspoke. Every time you try to order anything or have anything repaired, it seems they always want the VIN first to look up what your vehicle does or doesn’t have.
  12. Not sure what to believe

    The VIN will not show the hard top, so is that a consideration as well?
  13. J70 Wrangler design preview by Jeep Exterior Designer's sketch?

    I will admit ignorance on the J70, but if what you said here is true (IFS, IRS), count me OUT!
  14. Fire Engulfed JLU

    And should you choose to take this mission….. this message will self destruct in five seconds!
  15. 35” spare triggering rear bumper sensors

    IIRC, you can rotate the spare on the back to move the TPMS sensor to the 12 ‘o’clock position. That has helped others in the past. Good luck…
  16. My first day with the soft top

    I took the dogs along for a ride, got lost, and didn’t make it to the mall! ?
  17. Homemade hardtop hoist.

    I just finished partially building a setup from scrap parts. The straps will eventually be replaced with rope and a block and tackle setup. Instead of hooks, I used some 2x4’s wrapped up with sections of a worn out moving blanket.
  18. Safe to use 5W-30?

    There are also different phosphorus and zinc levels put in the different weights of oil. Mobil 1 0W-40 “European vehicle” is an example.
  19. Systemic issue with 3.6L manuals

    Just throwing this out there as a possible scenario: how much oil do you have in your intake coming from the PCV valve? I used to get an occasional ping or knock until a catch can was installed. The miss might be the computer trying to compensate for the bad burning of the gas/oil mixture in...
  20. Adaptive Cruise - Is it worth waiting for?

    I should have specified that the sensors are not part of the auto headlight control, but part of the package that also includes ACC and parksense. It sounded like the plan was to change out the bumpers for the overlanding, so the sensors have to be taken into account, regardless of function.