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  1. DIY Dual Battery System on 3.6L - The Cheap-O way

    I applaud your creativity and effort! Way beyond my technical ability!
  2. Jeep releases JPP Heavy-Duty Flooring System and Heavy-Duty Vinyl Seats

    Vinyl seats in summer will be fun.
  3. Can your lifted Jeep drive smooth over 80mph?

    I mean, I hit 85mph a few times while I was in Mexico, of course. Smooth! 2.5" JKS lift and 315/70/17 tires.
  4. Hood Hinge Recall coming soon due to stress cracks

    is this specific to a year? Or all 2018+?
  5. Putco Blade LED Tailgate Light

    Definitely interested in these for the reverse light feature. I don't have the tow package but I would imagine it can be installed by tapping into the taillights, right?
  6. Florida Factory steel front bumper

    I am open to that, for sure. If you can, please send me some pics!
  7. Florida Factory steel front bumper

    It depends if you have the LED fogs and skid plate with it. If it includes all and in good condition, $600?
  8. Florida Factory steel front bumper

    Looking for a takeoff steel front bumper. Located in Orlando
  9. How Can We Help?

    Hi Benny, I have a Sport S and want to change rear fender flares to the painted Rubicon versions . I already have fronts, so I will only need the rears. What else do I need, beside the flares themselves? Will my Sport S liners work?
  10. Florida Sold: FS- 80th Anniversary 18” Wheels and Tires

    Set of 5 wheels and tires: 255/70/18 Bridgestone Dueler A/T tires and 18”x7.5” Jeep OEM wheels from 80th Anniversary. Perfect condition with no wheel blemishes & no plugs on tires. Set of 5 with lug nuts (no TPMS sensors). Tires have a date of 3820 (made on the 38th week of 2020) and less than...
  11. $110 instant savings on BFG KO2s - FYI

    Good looking out! I am ready to pull the trigger on wheels and tires. Just need to call and confirm wheels are available!
  12. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Are those 18" wheels? What offset are they?
  13. LED Tails looks so much better

    Just pick up a set from the forum or FB Marketplace. I got a set for $300 and put them on my Sport S. They plug right in...you don't need to mod anything.
  14. Will the Dynatrac lift work for Jeeps with 2.0L engine?

    Perfect! That’s the setup I am going with too. 315/70/17 on 17x9 wheels. Thanks!
  15. Will the Dynatrac lift work for Jeeps with 2.0L engine?

    All of the descriptions state “*NOTE* This is for 4 door only with a 3.6L engine”. Does this lift not work on a JLU with the turbo 4 cylinder? I am really interested in this lift for my ‘21 Sport JLU.
  16. SSV Works Soundbar 6.5" speaker adapter installed

    Yes I did. I wired them together and all is good. Sounds great back there!
  17. Vehicle will shut off soon????

    Typical shit post. We are all guilty of taking the "shit" bait and commenting. Meanwhile the OP is MIA.
  18. What does a typical Wrangler "refresh" consist of?

    Not sure that would be ideal given the exposure to the elements with the top off. May affect the "weather resistance" of the current seats.
  19. Does insurance take care of the cost of repairs or replacement of windshields?

    Depends on your state. Florida has a policy in place that covers windshield replacements with $0 cost to vehicle owner. If your state doesn't have this, check with your vehicle insurance provider.