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  1. Sway bar link mount failure

    Just found an issue with my sway bar link mount, it sheered off somehow.. looks like I’ll need a tab welded on.. any suggestions?
  2. Pixel Decals

    I got my decals for Muttley.. I only get one chance to get this right, anyone have any tips on installing?
  3. Soft Top Envy

    Living in So Cal (Orange County) I do get soft-top envy.. I sometimes wish I'd gone that route from the beginning...just get a bit tired of the removal process when the weather's nice .. which is a lot. Wish I could trade it somehow for a premium soft.. Instead of paying full for one I...
  4. LOD Destroyer Stinger Shorty

    new addition , deciding on if I want the lower guard ..I left the crash plate on - doesn’t look too bad I think ..
  5. Battery Terminals

    Maybe it's just me.. If I'm missing something I'd gladly put on my hat and sit in the corner for lunch.. when the reference 'C' for Med/Low Current and there is no 'C' in the picture.. who writes this stuff??
  6. Rubicon Express 3.5"

    Just installed a 3.5" RE lift, new tires / wheels.. very happy with the outcome - but much more that 3.5" - looks like the kit raises Rubicon models 3.5 and Sport models 4.5".. the kit instructions really need some work.. was not too happy with them..