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  1. New door hinges with zinc plate?

    I think there has been no firm confirmation, I spoke with the dealer who is going to be color matching my half doors he didn't know for sure. I took a hinge off one of my half doors that I bought from a forum member and they are painted on the door and on the back side of the hinge. I went...
  2. New door hinges with zinc plate?

    Reviving an old thread here. I have a set of half doors that I am getting color matched. Should I buy these hinges or do you all think that painting the back side of the existing hinges will be good enough?
  3. Door Hinge Rock Chip Protection

    Installed them too and it was super easy, have a second set on deck for my half doors thaat i need to get painted.
  4. Cargo mat with seat back

    So my mats just came in, didn't notice it in @Obscurity's photo but the cut out for the middle anchor is in the wrong place. I hate it. Back it goes. For the record, the velcro on the seat backs are good, they dont stink and flattened right out after about 45 mins in the sun, its 60 and sunny...
  5. ANVIL Wrangler JL Club

    I cannot remember if you were looking for measurements on a 3.5 clayton lift with 37's. Just got my Jeep back, here you go.
  6. Cargo mat with seat back

    Looks good, I was thinking of buy this one as well. How was the velcro?
  7. Hooke Road Door Storage Cart

    Yeah my issue is that there is not much wall space. I have a top lift pro and think maybe I can nest them by each other in a corner.
  8. Hooke Road Door Storage Cart

    Found this today scrolling through Amazon. Anyone have one? Any thoughts? I know there is a PVC DIY set up floating around on here but for the money this looks interesting to me. What do you all think...
  9. ANVIL Wrangler JL Club

    My Jeep is back at the dealer for a water leak at the gate and back glass. I should have it back next week, i will get you a measurement then.
  10. ANVIL Wrangler JL Club

    Well, delayed by surgery but finally picked it up.
  11. Sold It

    One less person to wave at I guess...
  12. ANVIL Wrangler JL Club

    The Jeep came in today!!! Paid for it and sent it right off for the Mods.
  13. Manual Transmission 2024 Order Waiting Room

    Graduated today everyone!! Was totally caught off guard by the call from the dealer. She is paid for and on her way to get the suspension, wheels, tires and carrier installed. She should be home on Wednesday.
  14. Manual Transmission 2024 Order Waiting Room

    https://jeep-tracker.fly.dev/ Or, if you found it on the eshop you can click the vin and it will take you to the window sticker.
  15. Why the rear fenders? ?

    https://www.repairerdrivennews.com/2019/06/18/2018-jeep-wrangler-frame-among-significant-high-strength-steel-content/#:~:text=57.3 percent is high-strength,,” according to the presentation. Magnesium to my knowledge is not a good structural component (outside of radiator supports). Boron is...
  16. Manual Transmission 2024 Order Waiting Room

    Mine did this too. Was est delivery of 12/25. Hit built the it changed the est delivery to nan and a couple days later it said Jan 1. My salesman said he would check his system to see if it was updated later today.
  17. Manual Transmission 2024 Order Waiting Room

    Yeah it takes time for the info to update. You'll learn the trackers are not the most reliable unfortunately. Like @garionoldwolf said check Jeeps tracker. The link should be in the welcome email you got from Jeep. Welcome to the waiting club
  18. ANVIL Wrangler JL Club

    Lots of waiting going on these days it seems...lol.
  19. ANVIL Wrangler JL Club

    I have a set of 704's sitting at the dealer waiting on my Jeep to show up. I'll post picks when i get the Jeep. Hopefully in the next week or so.