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  1. pics of 2 door with paint matched hard top and black textured flares?

    Have a chance to pic up a sting gray 2 door top , looking for pics of the painted top with black flares...seen a lot of the opposite combo, Thanks advance!
  2. Sting Gray vinyl wrap???

    Hello, has anyone successfully matched a wrap to sting gray? I’ve researched , found conflicting info, found tons of versions of sting gray-ish… I’m looking to wrap a set of PAINTABLE fenders, not textured.. Looking for pictures of it on a jeep of it done, not a million pics of swatch samples...
  3. Virginia WTB painted flares for JL

    Color doesn’t matter, will try to color match Wrap.. Sting GREY would be nice though ? Located Richmond Va
  4. New 2 Jeep , 2 door suspension question

    Hi all, purchases a new 23 2 door Willy’s a few months back.. 1.5 teraflex spacer lift and 35x10.5x17 , stock size wheels are only mods so far.: Is it normal while taking a slighly curved exit ramp at normal speed to have such a extreme rear suspension “hop” if there’s a bad section of...
  5. Terraflex level kit uneven on ‘23 2 door Willy’s??

    Hi all, very new to the jeep community coming from Toyotas.. had the level kit installed the other day at a local reputable shop and noticed today it seemed to be sagging a bit on the passenger side rear… after measuring, it is definitely 1/2 inch lower compared to the drivers side?? Plan on...