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  1. pics of 2 door with paint matched hard top and black textured flares?

    Have a chance to pic up a sting gray 2 door top , looking for pics of the painted top with black flares...seen a lot of the opposite combo, Thanks advance!
  2. California Rubicon Extreme Recon Fenders - Sting Gray

    hey John, Pm'd you a couple days ago, just wanted to make sure you saw it..?
  3. Virginia WTB painted flares for JL

    Pm’d you
  4. Virginia WTB painted flares for JL

    Hey John, How much are you looking to get and what is the condition of them, any pics? Thanks!
  5. Virginia WTB painted flares for JL

    still looking!
  6. Sting Gray vinyl wrap???

    no luck yet, Im still trying to find some painted fender flares to buy to start trying!
  7. Sting Gray vinyl wrap???

    Hello, has anyone successfully matched a wrap to sting gray? I’ve researched , found conflicting info, found tons of versions of sting gray-ish… I’m looking to wrap a set of PAINTABLE fenders, not textured.. Looking for pictures of it on a jeep of it done, not a million pics of swatch samples...
  8. Virginia WTB painted flares for JL

    Color doesn’t matter, will try to color match Wrap.. Sting GREY would be nice though ? Located Richmond Va
  9. Georgia White Sahara Fender Flares

    Will buy if you ship, Will obviously also pay for shipping ??
  10. New 2 Jeep , 2 door suspension question

    Thanks, I’ll get used to the hops, just wanted to make sure everything was seated properly… I keep the tires at 29/30..??
  11. New 2 Jeep , 2 door suspension question

    Hi all, purchases a new 23 2 door Willy’s a few months back.. 1.5 teraflex spacer lift and 35x10.5x17 , stock size wheels are only mods so far.: Is it normal while taking a slighly curved exit ramp at normal speed to have such a extreme rear suspension “hop” if there’s a bad section of...
  12. 35 inch tire in OEM Willys wheels?

    35x10.5 on stock Willys...level kit installed Here’s mine, 35x10.5 Kendas.. had them before the slight lift and had plenty of clearance.
  13. Terraflex level kit uneven on ‘23 2 door Willy’s??

    I love the 35’s ..much better ride than the MTs the Willy’s come with.. I chose the 10.5 mainly for the looks, no offense to anyone else but I like flush, no poke. Also the Kendas were a helluva deal!($250 per) I’m new to jeep, 4runner/gx470 guy, I’ve always fun the bfg’s and still do on my GX...
  14. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    I meeeeean.......:clap:...color, bumper, rack, fogs, ....are those 35x10.5 as well? So tasteful. Just picked up a 23 sting gray 2 door Willys, THIS is partially what Im going for.. Just got a 2in lift and fitted some 35x10.5 kendas, I am on the hunt for at least the color matched...
  15. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    I like this...I to have this dream?
  16. Terraflex level kit uneven on ‘23 2 door Willy’s??

    Hi all, very new to the jeep community coming from Toyotas.. had the level kit installed the other day at a local reputable shop and noticed today it seemed to be sagging a bit on the passenger side rear… after measuring, it is definitely 1/2 inch lower compared to the drivers side?? Plan on...
  17. What size/style Jeep logo for a Boomerang hard shell tire cover?

    that's a great looking jeep! I just picked up a 23 sting grey 2 door... can you let me know what those wheels are? thanks! (needless to say great looking tire cover as well)
  18. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    that's a perfect looking jeep! Love that front bumper, what is it? I'm New to jeep , just picked up a 23 2 door Willys in this color, definitely jealous of your color coded top and fenders!!