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  1. Arizona Rubicon Rock Sliders for sale

    I have a set of almost brand new, Rubicon Rock Sliders. Original OEM Mopar sliders, removed with only 1500 miles on the clock. No adverse weather, no winter salt. Still have the stickers on them. Excellent condition. Came off a 2022 392. Big win for somebody needed some. $75.00 for pair. Brian /...
  2. 392 on order

    Got the VIN, our 392 order is official. Bring on the Tuscadero Pink! Anyone else try the pink on for style?
  3. Rear Window Struts broken after 5k miles

    Anyone have a similar problem? My rear window struts are gone in under 5,000 miles. I mean really, that's crazy. Backlog at the dealer and they finally came in. I asked, what happened, and they basically shrugged and said, happens sometime. If there was a run on them and they are out of them in...