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  1. Fully Loaded 2024 Willys only $360 more than my 2022 Willys?!?

    I just priced a fully loaded 2024 Willys and it’s only $360 more than my current one which doesn’t have the former “Advanced Safety Group” but is standard on the new one. In addition, it has the bigger screen and rear locker. Should I trade my current one in and get the new one? Seems like it...
  2. Mopar Katzskin Leather with Willys Logo - This Should be a Factory Option!

    I had the Mopar Katzskin black leather with silver stitching and Willys logo installed in my 22 JLU Willys XR yesterday. The results turned out amazing and better than expected! The process was fairly straightforward and involved reaching out to Katzskin directly to let them know what I wanted...