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  1. $60 6.0 CFM air compressor 15 hrs ONLY

    Justin, wouldn't you need teflon tape or something else to ensure the threads are airtight? Greg, if you look at pics of commercially available products, you should be able to figure out what goes where. You have confirmation that the parts from amazon are compatible, which was the big headache...
  2. Anyone Tried These to Save Space?

    On initial inspection it looks like the etsy page is theirs since it ships from Santa Clara, which is in the same area code as they list on their website (408). Despite that I tend to order directly when possible to avoid middle men. It's the same reason I still call restaurants to place an...
  3. Anyone Tried These to Save Space?

    This looks rather handy. I can imagine a few of the tools would be useful to have in the field when you don't have any full size tools available like Reinen. They have a website where they list more info. @OrneryBear, it looks like this could be the original you're thinking of, since they seem...
  4. We’d like to make a 4xe seat delete. Anyone in south Denver have one we could use to prototype?

    Can you provide links to any kits that actually work for the hybrid? I've been keeping a casual eye out, but have yet to see any.
  5. is JJS4WD a legit webite...looking to buy exposed racks and their prices seem too good..

    You map view sleuths made for an entertaining plot twist. While they may look small, I'm wondering if they're primarily an importer of jeep parts for the canadian market.
  6. My new wrangler has 2 VIN Number, Differently

    I set my profile's username to don quixote some time ago. Hence my statement that your reference was dragging me into this mess. As for the random link, that was the only result I found in a google search of the url of the image you posted. While it's obviously not the same source as the pic...
  7. My new wrangler has 2 VIN Number, Differently

    Oi, why drag me into this? That being said, thanks for the new profile pic, despite the, uh, stylized biography.
  8. Badland Apex Failure on 2nd Day of Use

    Good news is HF has a 90 day warranty on this winch: So you should be able to get it replaced without so much as a second glance. If it were me I'd want to know the root cause of such failure. They sell replacement ropes in case this happens later on, but I'd rather avoid having to replace the...
  9. Rear Bumper Wiring Harness

    Woah there, mr fancypants. You mean the Jeep approach isn't to just shove the wires into the plug? Well, at least I used some spare shrink wrap--heat shrink you fool, it's called heat shrink tubing.
  10. Rear Bumper Wiring Harness

    I'm not too savvy on all that, but I picked mine up last July when the lease incentives were greater than anything you could get on a purchase. That, plus it's a '23 I picked up right when the dealership was waiting on delivery of the new models, so they worked really hard to get rid of a rubicon.
  11. Rear Bumper Wiring Harness

    You should never, under any circumstance, take me too seriously. I'm only keeping the plastics in case I listen to this forum's average advice and run like hell from my jeep as soon as the lease is over. I figured if I return it to stock they might think it was a mall crawler.
  12. Rugged Ridge Front & Rear Full Width HD Bumper Install W/ Smittybilt X20 Gen Comp

    FWIW I bought mine on amazon and had no problems with the item condition or delivery. They should be able to get to you in time, but I don't know if there would be any complications with the rebate. I know sometimes amazon orders don't qualify, but these seemed to come from an official RR store...
  13. Rear Bumper Wiring Harness

    Nah I spent a grand on bumpers, but they're only for the weekends and holidays. Actually I have a leased 4xe, so I figured it's probably a good idea for me to be able to return it to stock. I'll see how hard it would be to unscrew the bumper and pull the wiring.
  14. Rear Bumper Wiring Harness

    I'm swapping my rear bumper, and need to come up with a solution for the license plate lighting. Luckily my jeep doesn't have rear sensors so the only wires in the bumper harness plug are for the license plate light (they match pins 4 and 8 from this wonderful resource). Ideally I'd like to find...
  15. Rugged Ridge Front & Rear Full Width HD Bumper Install W/ Smittybilt X20 Gen Comp

    So @Gangplank, you ever make a decision about these bumpers? Time's running out :devil: Okay, so I was gonna ask a question to OP regarding the rear bumper fitment too, although luckily I was able to figure it out easily enough. But since I had already decided to post in this thread, my only...
  16. Rugged Ridge Front & Rear Full Width HD Bumper Install W/ Smittybilt X20 Gen Comp

    Imagine my luck seeing this thread revived recently, so I don't have to feel awkward bringing it back to ask you a question. You didn't mention their skid plate, did you ever end up adding it or do you run naked down below? I just picked these up and when installing the front I was having a hard...
  17. How To: Install Stinger 4-camera DVR system & Echomaster 7" screen

    Alright giant yellow duck-jeep, you've clearly spent quite some time looking into all these systems and components. I have a question you might be able to answer (or anyone else if they know). It looks like that camera uses a small 5 pin, as seen in this pic from their site: Is that some sort...
  18. Winch disconnect switch ideas...

    I don't have a winch yet, but when I pick one up I'll likely add something like this ATO 600A solenoid. The highest current winches I've been looking at are the warn zeon 12k at 469A, so this should be more than capable of providing the sustained load without issue. What looks even more...
  19. Introducing Pareto Offroad and our JLU Seat delete platform! (Huge Launch Sale discount codes inside)

    Darn that looks good, I look forward to your install post/thread. Enjoy it for me until I can get one myself
  20. Wireless charging our 4xe?

    Would we call them electron pedalers or peddlers?