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  1. Towing setup advice and your experience towing heavier loads

    You are in Virginia? Expect to get into the mountains? Using a JT Gladiator 3.6L 6-speed 3.73 diffs with our 2,000lb trailer we cannot get out of 2nd gear, 45MPH max, on some of the steeper mountain pass roads on I70 in the Rockys. 3rd just doesn't put down enough torque. The App mountains...
  2. Systemic issue with 3.6L manuals

    My 3.6L 6-speed (21) suddenly changed for the better around 500 miles, and again around 15,000. Meaning, it suddenly got better at low RPM torque. Almost like the computer made a sudden change. But this may not be related to your issue since I did experience hesitation around 1800 RPM since...
  3. Systemic issue with 3.6L manuals

    Hesitation around 1800 RPM has gone away once I started using "Top Tier" fuel every now and then. Could be a dirty fuel injector issue. These injectors seem to have several small holes instead of one bigger one.
  4. What are best anti-theft devices

    Locking hood latches, move the horns or armor the wires so unable to cut the wires, steering wheel club. If you will leave it for a while, pull a fuse or relay. Often, you only have to make it harder than the next Jeep over.
  5. Diff covers and Diff Skids?

    What I chose. We tow with our JT, so in back I kept the stock cover to keep things cooler compared to nodular iron covers. And in front these keep the clearance with the steering stuff. And they prevent peel when scraping a rock, and maintain ground clearance. Don't protect the drain plugs...
  6. Rock Rails vs. Performance Rock Rails

    The family appreciates the step. So might I after a long hike. But it's narrow enough to step over if desired. Haven't hit it on anything yet. The dealer ordered some for stock, and I'm glad to have it.
  7. Poly fil in the sound bar is the real deal.

    For mine I put it in fairly loose, not compressed much, but filled much of the volume, and was sure to leave an open path in the sound ports. There are some odd corners and such to address. Also swapped out the speakers. It allowed the volume to go to max w/o vibration/buzz, and the new...
  8. The ESS battery should have been bigger, much bigger?

    Halogen headlights can draw the ESS battery down pretty quickly...
  9. Noisy Differential, 1st Jeep Issue at 51,000 miles

    Happened to mine around 20K miles. The early warning sign was a hissing noise through the parking brake cable. They replaced the entire back axle. I now use 75W140 lube as recommended by the axle manufacturer, which may or may not matter.
  10. Interior mount windshield light bar in Amber

    Amber fog lights work great for this. And amber DRL lights too. Since I started running around with the amber fogs on I see multiple instances where people start to pull out in front of me from a side street then think better of it. Turn them off and people jump out more often.
  11. Can I exercise the 4WD?

    Maybe wait for rain. And some will say it's good to drive a small distance to get the lube moved around. And shift in and out of 4-high at lower speeds, not 40+ MPH. As for the shifter, you can exercise that in a tiny gravel lot just going forward and backward ten feet at a time. Yes it's...
  12. Rear Dana 44 (JLU) Aftermarket Covers and Heat load!

    Had an axle fail months after a cross-country trip towing a popup. Failed gradually, not suddenly. Stock diff cover. One early warning sign to listen for, at least on the JT pickup, is a quiet hissing sound being transmitted from the diff to the parking brake along its cable. It sounds like...
  13. Proper gear oil for Rubicon Rear diff?

    On mine at the first oil change I noticed the oil drain plug was barely hand tight. It's good to check all these plugs soon after purchase.
  14. Awesome Halogen Upgrade

    Currently running the same, plus amber LED fog lights adding to the low beam, and amber LED driving lights on the bumper adding to the high beam. Good combination. The halogens have a nice color temperature and melt snow/ice. The amber LEDs blend in well and add more light off to the sides to...

    Got it elsewhere, but that's ok, it's not a big loss. But the problem is "universal harness" is not described. No mention of what exactly it has, namely a switch and a relay. I thought it was just some connectors and wires. You could say "universal harness, including a switch and relay, also...
  16. Why Amber Lights?

    If laminating over LED lights, they usually come out greener than you may like. Add a few more layers of yellow laminate.

    For Baja Designs: In the listings for the lights, I wish you'd clarify which harness it comes with. And in the listing for the separate harness note that it is what comes stock with the lights. I wanted a harness with a relay and ordered it separately, not knowing that the light comes with...
  18. Diff Covers

    We tow, and heat in the rear differential is a concern, so I use the stock differential covers with the following: Differential Spider I use it for the front as well to clear the stock steering components.
  19. Bilstien Shocks?

    I throw wax on the Bilsteins and also the Apex Autolynx, hopefully several times per year. We'll see how long they last before corrosion sets in. And the Bilsteins are fairly stiff.
  20. Easiest Access to replace Auxiliary Battery

    I did the wheel turn and fender peel approach as well, but in almost freezing temps and semi-wet conditions the night before it was about to hit sub-zero temps. I did it without climbing under the vehicle, but it was miserable trying to get that battery back up into the correct position at arms...