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  1. Texas Red Half Doors - Set of 4

    Sold for $3,000, if anyone cares or is curious on a market price.
  2. Texas Half doors

    I've got red half-doors. Set of 4, No Uppers. SA Area.
  3. Help me with who Made This

    OK...I bought a Hardtop/door/ freedom panel rolling cart storage item from a guy, and now I'm trying to sell it. I've searched through everything I have and cannot find any information on it. Has anyone else got one of these, or knows where it came from? I seem to recall the designer was an...
  4. Location for AUX lighting interior pigtails

    If you've got the AUX switches on the dash, you've got the pigtails under the glovebox and under the hood.
  5. Location for AUX lighting interior pigtails

    Behind the glovebox, may also be tucked down into the panel to the right of the glove box. They're all nearly wrapped up together in the black cloth-tape stuff. You've probably moved the harness out of the way looking for all the different colored wires.
  6. Odd solution to an odd door connection problem

    It's been quite a while since I saw this post, but zooming in I see 5 or 6 that are bent. Even being off the slightest bit they won't seat properly. It's amazing how shoddy the design of this is.
  7. Texas Red Half Doors - Set of 4

    A couple of ratchet straps and a few blankets (maybe some plastic wrap like you use when you move furniture) and they'd easily ride in the bed of your gladiator.
  8. Texas Red Half Doors - Set of 4

    I believe all the doors for gladiator and Wrangler unlimited are the same. I do not know about the BSM...my jeep is not equipped with that, perhaps someone can confirm all the half doors have it, or do not.
  9. Texas Red Half Doors - Set of 4

    I am open to offers on these doors. This isn't a fishing exercise, and I do need to sell them.
  10. Texas Red Half Doors - Set of 4

    Sure...If someone wants the doors, and not the storage cart, I would consider it.
  11. Texas Sold: Red Half Doors - Set of 4

    $3,000 all in on the doors. If you're interested, then make an offer. Shoot me a PM. I've got for sale a set of 4 red half doors, no uppers for these doors. These doors have been on the jeep a few times. These are red from the factory, I never re-painted them. Work and family changes are...
  12. Let's see those JL's rockin Half Doors! 2 & 4 doors

    It's September so in Texas that means temps in the 90s so it's tolerable to take the top off! Got a window chip fixed so that's the shop photo.
  13. Functional Limb Risers

    They look great!
  14. The Moose is Loose!

    Spent a week in the NM wilderness fly fishing for trout. Lockers paid for them selves in one trip. It was fantastic.
  15. Functional Limb Risers

    It does not leak at all. Rain, driving in the rain, carwash. None of it leaks
  16. New Battery Technology May Be Here Sooner Than You Think

    Discussing this will prob get the thread shut down. You're 100% right. The regional governors now have direct control over their territories. Fear will keep the local systems in line.
  17. Swap "Power" Doors to Manual?

    Old thread...but I want manual windows...swapping out the lock cylinder for your keyed cylinder is simple.
  18. 3.6L Failed Rocker/Lifter at 59K Miles_Good Warranty Experience

    Glad it was a good experience. Best case scenario is a all new motor. Never gonna get that on a warranty. I had the same problem at 30k, got a block and some innards but not everything.
  19. What's the possibility to install the 2024 radio/screen into 2021?

    AND YOU COULD BE THIS MAN, OP! @ym0bc1 WE LOOK TO YOU! Show us the way!