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  1. Manual transmission gearing

    I'm fairly new to jeeps so please forgive me if this has been talked to death. I've had my jlur for several weeks driving it around atlanta with no issues. This weekend we drove to the NC mountains and I am noticing a huge gap between some off the gears. Driving up a curvy steep incline I...
  2. Clutch temperature report

    While in stop and go traffic in a hilly area I got the clutch temperature warning. I'm curious if anyone knows of a way to report this temperature with jscan or some other scanner
  3. 2024 JLUR with slight hesitation

    I recently picked up a 2024 JLUR manual. Anyone else noticing a slight hesitation on the new 3.6? Not significant but noticeable. It usually happens when cruising along at ~2000 rpm. It may just be normal in a jeep but I am curious if I should be concerned.
  4. Altimeter calibration

    Is there a way to calibrate the altitude guage on the offroad pages? Mine is definitely off by 100+ft
  5. Mute driving directions

    When I use maps through Android auto on my 2023 JLUR I would like to be able to mute the voice directions so it doesn't talk over the radio. I can turn the voice way down but I can't seem to get it to stop muting the radio when it gives directions. Day to day I'm really just in it for the map...
  6. Cargo mat with seat back

    I'm curious what folks are using for a cargo mat that includes the 2nd row seat back. Mainly to control dog fur on trips and mud when I go to construction sites. I see Weathertech has something and I found a Chinese version on Amazon. No reviews on the Amazon version but I've seen some...
  7. Sirius XM

    I am in the endless wait for a new jeep and I was suddenly curious if there is any reason why I have to sign up for the Sirius XM service for the jeep to function with all features.
  8. Lifespan of a Recovery Rope

    I'm just curious how long a stored recovery rope will last before it should be replaced. I know using it will reduce its lifespan but lets assume it is stored in the car in a bag to avoid UV
  9. Manual Transmission Delivered?

    Just curious if anyone has had a 2024 manual transmission wrangler successfully delivered.