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  1. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    My JK had it start on the hinges where it met the door. I bet if you remove a JL hinge it looks like this underneath.
  2. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    This was very common on JKs and now I am scared to look at my 2019.
  3. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    Built March 2019 here. Mine took a few months to start clicking though, its on 2/4 doors (so far).
  4. Poor factory paint on hardtop - anyone else?

    FCA warranty dept should approve the repaint. I'd ask them to do it all the first time, the texture/color is difficult to match.
  5. yeti adjustable track bar

    Rear track bar brackets are common, reusing the stock bar. Also, I do believe the rear bar is not affected as much as the front (swing radius) due to the axle mount being high on the axle tube in the rear, whereas the front axle side mount is at the front/bottom of the axle tube.
  6. ROAM Exo Cage - Exoskeleton Roll Cage

    Awesome to see this in development. Excited to see a final product. It will increase noise though. One light bar makes a difference, this will be like adding 10.
  7. Poor factory paint on hardtop - anyone else?

    I had issues at the hinges and at tops of the rear windows on my textured hardtop. They had a body shop repaint the back clamshell, then the freedom panels didn't match, so they painted those too. Annoying to deal with but it looks good now.
  8. Anybody else's JLs doors do this?

    By unhooking the door check you are taking away the forces applied to the inner door frame. I like the door checks, little things like that is why I bought a JL and not another JK.
  9. Anybody else's JLs doors do this?

    My understanding is the JL door is a glued together almagamation of steel frame and alum skin, this is what the door check mounts to and there is flex between the parts that breaks the glue bond. If this is happening at year 1 or less (6 months for me) how are these going to be doing at year 10...
  10. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    I've had my entire textured hard top repainted (back half first, not even close to matching freedom panels, then they did those to match) and a new transfer case installed, not to mention bad driver's door alignment and exhaust leaks, steering play etc. Less than 5k miles, 6 months old. I have...
  11. yeti adjustable track bar

    Not exactly. The Track bar only centers the axle under the Jeep. Many have reported that just a track bar swap helps with drive ability. The drag link and tie rod don't have the play or flex the stock hollow track bar does. Swap the track bar and play it by ear from there.
  12. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    What was your door creaking issue? I have a weird click/creak sound when opening and closing doors.
  13. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I think most others have the dead spot in the box as well. Swapping others parts is like chasing ghosts if the box has slop.
  14. first trip to the dealer for steering issues

    Thanks for keeping us posted. I have an appt for next Monday for mine to go in for a list including the steering (hoping for a steering box).
  15. Steering damper recall notice today on my Jeep

    I was told they are getting ONE part per week.
  16. Got my CSNV41 in the mail today.... And UGH... The repair (unfortunately) went as planned.

    I got the same thing from my local dealer in IL. Why did FCA send this notice out when parts are so far out? Cart before the horse. What a joke. Not to mention this wont fix the dead spot so many owners have.
  17. Steering damper recall notice today on my Jeep

    That's my point, death wobble will scare you, you loose steering ability until the oscillating stops. This absolutely is a safety issue.
  18. Steering damper recall notice today on my Jeep

    Have you experienced actual death wobble? Your statement tells me you have not. A steering shimmy/bump steer is not death wobble, some are conflating these two terms. I had a TJ with death wobble and it absolutely could have caused an accident. Luckily nobody was around me when it happened on...