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  1. Strange Issue after 4xe re-gear

    I have a 2024 JLRUX 4xe. I put 38in tires on it a month ago and just got it back from the re-gear to 4.88. I drove 45mpg the whole time home after being advised to breakin period and was in HYRBID. I drove in 4-HI to make sure both diffs were engaged and getting broken in. I started to...
  2. Order of priority advice on next mods needed

    2024 JLURX 4xe. 38" nittos. Before I goto rubicon in July I want to do the following. Any advice on order? 1. 4.88 regear (I'm driving home from CA to Florida and it's not great on the interstate after the 38s) 2. RCV front axles 3. RPM 2.5ton steering
  3. Rokblokz too small for large tires?

    Just put on 38s and not only to they almost touch the RokBlokz XLs but the mudflaps seems tiny and worthless. Should I just take them off and sell them?
  4. Meet Sonic - 2024 JLURX 4xe

    I had him built last year. Got him in September and have been setting the credit card on fire ever since. ---Current Mod List--- 3.5" MetalCloak Game Changer 38" Nitto Ridge Grapplers Icon Rebound Pro wheels (interlocks) Adams 1350 Driveshaft 4.88 Spicer gears Metalcloak front and rear diff...
  5. Do RCV axle shafts work on 2024 4xe?

    I'm preparing myself for jeep jamboree rubicon trail in July. New 24 4xe rubix. Should I get rcv shafts in advance? Do they work on the 4xe? Then carry stocks in case of a break? I'll have 38in ridge grapplers, a 3.5 in MC lift
  6. Is there any way to replace Madonna cones?

    On my 2024? Can I swap out cones from a previous year JL?
  7. MC steering not good?

    Just installed my MC 3.5 lift at local MC gold shop and told him I want to do MC steering. He told me to avoid their steering products and go with another brand. He also claims he's the top 5 MC sales in country while saying this. I'm not sure what to think and want to stay with the gold...
  8. Surprising experience with my 2024 4xe at suspension shop...changes made to 24!

    So I just got my jeep back from a highly rated suspension shop (Metalcloak Gold Authorized). Here are the notes from my install -They installed my 3.5" game changer lift. Rear sits 1"+ lower than front. Will be contacting MC on Monday to ask for a pair of 4.5" springs for the back -Syergy...
  9. E Brake relocation not possible on '24s?

    Got under there, removed the brake lines from knuckles, removed the tip W bracket, and it seems like something ELSE above the crossbar is holding them in place. All the relocation videos I've seen, once you unscrew that upper bracket the lines just pull back. Not seeming to happen on my...
  10. Should I install the DB3 brackets that came w/ my Gamechanger?

    I ordered them figuring they were required and I am about to do the rear so I looked them up and saw mixed thoughts/reviews on putting them on. I guess its a drive quality vs clearence debate? I have 33in tires on now but will put on 37s soon. I probably cant send them back to metalcloak but...
  11. Metalcloak Gamechanger Install Help NEEDED!

    Ok so I'm almost "done" installing the front in my 2024 4xe JLRU. I have a few questions. 1st what do I do with the bottom brake bracket? I know the top one I leave screwed in and the middle one I pry off but what happens to the bottom one? You cannot screw it back into the knuckle because...
  12. 1st detailing of my new 2024 Rubicon -- advice?

    Just got my brand new jeep. Love it. Was going to detail it. Here is what I was thinking Wash Dry with microfiber Iron-X Wash again Clay Bar - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BDF9EFS/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 Polish ? Remove Polish ? Ceramic Coat -...
  13. No security module in 2024 Wranglers?

    So I have a 2024 Rubicon X 4xe and tried to find the security module under the drivers dash to re-route the cables to my chrylser bypass module and simply cannot find them. Ive watched several youtubes on where the module is and how to unplug the two cables, I simply do not see a module like...
  14. Output of USB C ports in 2024 Rubicon?

    So I installed the bulletpoint wireless charger in my wrangler and connected it to the front USB C media port. It charges SLLLOOOW. like 4hrs for full charge. The bullet point site says it needs QC 3 ports for fast charging. A) what output do the stock ports have and B) what are my options...
  15. New diff on 24s?

    Ordered a metalcloak front diff skid. Dude from metalcloak called me to confirm order and said skid was fit for 210. I said the front diff in my 2024 rubi was 220 and he said he'd have to confirm the fit with engineering. Figured the bolt pattern was the same?
  16. Get Jeep next month and ready to mod. Here is my list. This will be for a 2024 Rubicon X 4xe

    I know ive seen a ton of these posts and most folks who have experience with wrangers will say dont mod it at first drive it and see what needs to be done. That being said I wanted to create a hypothetical list of "love to have" mods and wanted to get ya'lls thoughts.
  17. What shocks come with 2024 Rubicon X ?

    What type will the 2024 Rubicon X have?
  18. Lease vs Buy. I know its been asked but this is unique (maybe)

    Just orderd my 2024 Wrangler 4xe Rubicon X (YAY). Super excited. I have a couple months to figure out how I want to pay for it. my plan was to put $25k down and just finance the rest over 72 months. Sales team brought up leasing and I was like...naaa. BUT He told me that with leasing they...