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  1. Did they really do anything ?

    Your situation has happen to often to many. I had a Lexus RX350 in which I brought it to my loan Toyota dealership. The first time I had them change the oil and filtre. A new days later I checked the filtre and it looked dirty. So the next time I had the oil / filtre changed I place a piece of...
  2. Freedom panel noise-please help!!

    You May want to try 3-in-one RUBBER Seal Conditioner. I down a 2024 Jeep Wranglers sport as well as a Ford Raptor. The seals on the panoramic roof sometimes need to be treated because They noise when you hit bumps especially when off-road. It re-vitalizes the seuls and make them more plastic/ soft
  3. Did they really do anything ?

    Well put. There is so much truth into what you stated.
  4. Did they really do anything ?

    Unfortunately this is not uncommon at dealerships. I do my own oil and filter changes as most members do. The thought of a free oil change is tempting, but at what cost is free not free. I had the same problem with oil changes at Toyota. I became suspicious when they did the first oil change...
  5. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    It stands to reason that if the problem doesn't exist with the 2021 models, replace all the effected jeeps with the inferior design with the one used in the 2021 model. The reason as always is dollars, cost. FCA doesn't want to spend the money. The are looking for a cheap bandaid like returning...
  6. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    Yes the operative word is paying attention. With the advent of cell phones many drivers are to busy texting or talking on their phones. This is an accident in waiting.
  7. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    I agree with all your assessments, I ordered my JL through the factory with BSW and Cross-Path detection. They work great, and come especially when driving at night, or in backing out from shopping center lots. I believe the option was in the realm of $589, now I think it's approaching $900+...
  8. Another Dealership 6 quart “Free” Oil Change.

    Thanks for the beer suggestion. I will try it next time. But I need to share it with my wife, since she handles the clean up. It's unbelievable, that technicians haven't yet learned to count .
  9. Another Dealership 6 quart “Free” Oil Change.

    Unfortunately this has been a problem with Jeep as well as other makes of cars. I had Chevrolet dealership overflow my corvette by a quart. Brought the vehicle back (50 miles round trip) and they said that it was corrected. Guess what, yes still 6 quarts. I has a Toyota dealership change my...
  10. I love my Rubicon - it’s AC, not so much...

    The jet engine noise from the air conditioner has been an ongoing issue. The noise doesn't bother me (2 door soft top), it cools great and I can't hear it in the inside. I reside in Arizona where the temperature today will be 114. This is a hot state and air conditioning is a way of life. The...
  11. When’s the Refresh coming?

    Personally I would wait until early next year when the Broncos will be really available. Ford has a dealership as well as service department. I ordered my 2018JL Sport S and was fortunate to have not experienced some of our unfortunate posters have told us about. My dealership, parts and...
  12. Advice on Buying a Rubicon

    I would be aware of the hidden cost dealers can and do add to a new vehicle. In Arizona they normally add $1200 to $1500 dollars to the price for Micky mouse dealer add on items. Make sure it's clearly outlined in the contract you sign. In my case they said the opposite and I had to have the...
  13. FCA lack of quality check

    Well put, much food for contemplation.
  14. FCA lack of quality check

    You are one of the fortunate one's, as I'am, regarding a trouble free 2018 Wrangler. But I wouldn't add any disparaging remarks regarding the feelings of others. Who are we to judge what they are experiencing.
  15. FCA lack of quality check

    COBill. Well put summation, I was fortunate with my 2018 which I ordered, but having owned many new and used jeeps I can attest to their poor quality and inept service. On the bright side, there is a culture which believe, and its true, that the jeep has no competition at this juncture. Which...
  16. FCA lack of quality check

    I'm sorry for all these screw ups you guys experienced with FCA. I gave up on my dealership the minute I determined their service department as well as their service managers were a waste and incompetent. Unless FCA undertakes a concerted effort to better management their franchises, they will...
  17. JL Reliability Opinions/Thoughts

    The only success I had with FCA, was to write directly to the head man, CEO, I copied the dealership management. Never heard from local dealership (No surprise), but within 2 weeks we received a call from a CEO representative. The bottom line, I was given a direct connection to their local...
  18. JL Reliability Opinions/Thoughts

    Boy what a nightmare, I'm sorry to hear about your experiences. With respect to the dealership service, I wonder if they are even mechanics. I suspect if their secretaries aren't busy, they fill in for their mechanics. But then I realized, that they are the best of the choices.
  19. Sliced 2 BFG KO2s 10 minutes apart on Arkansas trails

    Sorry to see this happen. I once took a trip outside Florence AZ to some coke ovens a few years back, and the Firestone tires (all 4), had to be replaced. The vehicle was a 74 GMC Jimmy, and my buddy who I'ave done a lot of off-roading had to vomit twice. Me, I just grabbed another cold brew.