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  1. 2 door Hard top Configurations

    New wrangler owner here- was wondering if anyone has removed the hard top but kept the doors and freedom panels on- I have seen pictures of the soft top in a safari mode. but never seen a 2 door just with doors and freedom panels- thanks for any input, pictures, pros/cons.
  2. 2024 manual transmission break in phase

    Hello everyone, first time wrangler owner and was wondering is there a break in phase for the manual transmission. Its been a long time since I drove a manual and have to admit I stalled it day 1 and a couple more times day 2. I turned off the hill assist and that seemed to help and have not...
  3. Ordered my first Jeep

    Placed order with Mark Dodge on 11/3, got a great deal and Only added 2 options. Hardtop, and the black satin grill.