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  1. Bourbon talk...

    Glad to see some activity on this thread. Someone else mentioned Elijah Craig which was my gateway to bourbon and a solid everyday. The EC barrel proofs are also great but need some ice. Woodford Double Oaked probably my favorite bourbon that you can find in any store. Also enjoying my...
  2. Soft Top or SOT?

    Sky One Touch is my favorite feature on my Jeep. I open and close the roof several times a day. I had a rental with a hard top and quickly got tired on taking the panels on and off and leaving storage room for them in the trunk. Highly recommend if your Jeep is a daily driver.
  3. Bourbon talk...

    What did you think? I have a bottle (purchased after conversation earlier in this thread) waiting to be opened.
  4. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Very nice. Sarge 4xe didn’t used to come in Rubicon trim, which made my choice of Sahara the default. Would have been a tough decision otherwise. Is that a new option for 2023?
  5. Decision on color..,??

    Loving all the red posts here, look great. My vote is sting gray over white. That said, I almost bought Sting Gray Moab until I showed my wife and she said she didn’t care for it. Red became my new top pick as I waited for the 4xe to be released, but I much prefer the look with a black top...
  6. Current music in your Jeep?

    On mine, the left steering wheel control has up and down buttons to move one at a time and there is also a middle button to move between presets.
  7. Can I see some 4xe Sahara's with 35" tires?

    I have Rubicon 33" (285/70r17) on my Sahara 4xe - big upgrade from stock, but also considering 285/75r17 34" tires when I need new ones. Does anyone know if they will fit a stock Sahara 4xe with no lift? Toyo Open Country AT3 comes in this size in load C which seems perfect.
  8. Bourbon talk...

    Been reading good things about Peerless Double Oaked (Woodford Double Oaked is one of my favorites) and Knob Creek 12 and guy at the store today was pushing John J. Bowman Single Barrel ("same distillate as Blanton's") - thoughts / opinions on these as I grow my collection?
  9. Which engine is easiest to work on?

    I like the 2.0 in my 4xe, but more importantly another vote for Sarge with tan leather. If I got a Sarge Rubicon I would also remove the red stickers or swap for black as others have done.
  10. Bourbon talk...

    I asked for $40 and they laughed at me 😂 they said they had marked it up $5 from just this morning. Agree it’s too high at this price.
  11. Bourbon talk...

    Local store has 3 bottles of eagle rare in stock for $75. Used to be $40 if I recall but haven’t seen it lately. Good or bad buy at $75?
  12. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Not to get your hopes up Punk’n Club but just saw that your favorite color is coming back to the Gladiator in 2023… https://moparinsiders.com/here-is-everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-2023-jeep-gladiator-jt/
  13. Color Drama

    Here are a bunch of pictures including some I posted from a local dealership. https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/high-velocity-yellow-wrangler-jl-club.89483/
  14. 4XE friendly programmer?

    Second vote for ecri. Just make sure not to have your foot on the brake when you calibrate. Otherwise pretty easy and support was decent when I needed help.
  15. To remove wrangler decal or to leave it?

    Thanks to this thread, pulled my blue 4xe Wrangler decals off today. Sat in the sun for a bit and they came right off. Looks much better.

    I'm in the Sarge club but took these pictures for you guys at the local dealership - looked great with the 4xe blue accents. (Pellegrino in NJ if anyone is interested). Color is pretty accurate; taken with iphone 13 pro.
  17. Color Drama

    Good luck OP… I agonized for a few years before finally picking Sarge. I don’t like it with the red Rubicon stickers but looks great as a Sahara, 392, or the Willys I saw that made me pull the trigger and buy my 4xe. Agree with others that Earl would be tempting right now. Would also highly...
  18. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Posted these in another decal thread, adding here. Wanted to keep it all black so went with matte black vinyl.
  19. Do You Have Decals That Don't Look Terrible?

    Just put these on, matte black
  20. Power/Pressure washers

    I also have the green works from lowes. When I bought it 2700 psi was the strongest; they now have 3000. Having just power washed the front of my house, wouldn’t want any less power than what I have. Also, I love the foam cannon...