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  1. 4xe curious

    Man, I debated this myself, largely because a ton of my trips are within the electric range. I also slept in my JL and carried my MTB in the back. The big drawbacks were: 1. No manual transmission, I've only had 1 automatic in my life, and I'd rather hang on to the manual as long as feasible...
  2. Guys, Can We Still Be Friends?

    Thanks, it's the first non Jeep I've had other than a '93 Toyota Pickup 22RE (which I regret selling). It honestly has been perfect. My dad had a green Scout when I was little and it reminds me of that quite a bit. I first reserved in March 2021, and went with Cyber Orange, then Eruption Green...
  3. Guys, Can We Still Be Friends?

    Actually this is a bit more of a betrayal.......I did go 2 door....but with one small caveat. The good news is once Jeep puts out a manual transmission I enjoy driving, I know I can make the switch now......proof of concept.
  4. Manual Transmission Delivered?

    Yeah honestly, I just really wanted to get back to a 2 door. I debated back and forth getting the 2-door JL, tried it out and it was just too small (without the back seat) to get a lot of my equipment in. The Bronco (I removed the back seats, very easy) was just a bit longer and wider to be able...
  5. Manual Transmission Delivered?

    Haha, completely agree. Ironically, someone mentioned this for the name and it makes it a bit cooler: Ford is launching an 'Eruption Green' Bronco and here's where the odd name may be from | Fox News In any case, I like it, and my Dad has a Sarge Green JL, I really like them both. The biggest...
  6. Manual Transmission Delivered?

    2 Door Badlands, had reserved it in July 2021, wasn't going to take delivery of it until I drove it, the smoothness of the manual is what did it for me (and the 2 door). I hate the 4 door. Also, for all of the bitching about dealers, the small town dealer I worked with did invoice pricing with...
  7. Manual Transmission Delivered?

    I have it, I've had it for 4 months now, zero issues. It was built in February 2023, I read the issues regarding the sync and checked my transmission # versus the ones that have had it, I've had absolutely none of that. I've wheeled it and driven it 4000 miles. The other bonus is the 2 door...
  8. Manual Transmission Delivered?

    Completely agree, I actually just moved on to the Bronco, way better 7MT, sorry Jeep, I'll come back when the manual is sorted, or just get a TJ.
  9. Two door itch is real

    I debated this too...I had the itch after having a JKU for 15 years and then buying a JLU. I'm married, no kids, dogs, but they rarely ride with me/us. So......it was mainly the 4 doors for loading gear (kiteboards, surf equipment, being able to throw a MTB in the back, sleep in the back all of...
  10. Wrangler vs Bronco manual?

    Try and drive them back to back, a 7MT Bronco and a manual JL. You will see what I mean, not talking about anything else with the vehicle, just the manual.
  11. Wrangler vs Bronco manual?

    To circle back around to the OP's question - the Bronco definitely has TSB's out for 5th and 6th syncho noise/scraping. With that said, I've driven both quite a bit, and I prefer the Bronco manual over the JL hands down. It's geared better, the clutch has better feedback, and it's just overall a...
  12. Trade in prices going up

    I can vouch for this, I bought my JLUR for $42,500 (manual, hard top, safety group) from Gupton in November 2021. I just told it to Carvana for $45,800 with 13,500 miles and a recall on it.
  13. Largest Discount Offered to Forum Members for 2024 Wrangler!

    I'll follow up with another positive review for Travis, he was great with my Dad purchasing a '22 JLUR.
  14. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    A 15 point turn on a very tight trail with water on both sides, in mud.....it was a PITA.
  15. Sleeping in your JL/JLU?

    This is true, it's quite a bit of storage tetrix, I basically take my cooler, and all of my stuff except my clothes and put it outside. I've got it down to a bit of a science, but I could see moving to a tent at some point especially as quick as the setup/breakdown now.
  16. Ordering is now closed for 2023 Xtreme Recon XR

    The green Willy's Sport with half doors is basically what I was looking at, I'm guessing you guys don't do 7% below invoice, ha. It's hard to switch from a JLUR and lose lockers, but the XR is a nice package if I could get it at roughly the same price I sell mine for.
  17. Sleeping in your JL/JLU?

    I've slept a few times in my JLU, Deepsleep setup. It's one of the reasons I'm sticking with a 4 door.
  18. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    I have a '21, and I have received the message on the cluster. It was under heavy, 4L use turning around on a tight trail (so back and forth between reverse and 1st). I didn't have the recall, it was already built into mine, so I can't speak to the different in the power.
  19. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    Yeah, it was mainly the fact that the damage was mostly already done and it was just a final heat build up that caused the final failure, and/or just timing. Makes sense now.
  20. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    A few questions: 1. Any idea as to why Jeep switched the flywheel between the JK and JL? Is there a design reason since it's the same 3.6? 2. I don't quite grasp the idea of it failing going down the interstate without touching the clutch, what causes the final bit of heat/pressure to cause...