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  1. Choosing between a 2018 2dr JL or 2004 LJ

    If you don’t go with the LJ let me know. I’d be very interested in it
  2. Jeep People are Medieval...

    Better get that pint from the beer wench. Or is that the beer winch??? Bahahaha!
  3. We want to hear from you!

    Give the option to have half doors instead of full doors. Like the JK had. fun colors and less gray colors. bring back Ocean blue metallic and Snazzberry. make a manual trans that works and lasts Allow more customization when ordering. As in: no full doors and only Half doors, LSD, manual...
  4. Missouri Want to buy a set of REAR Half Doors.

    You still looking for fronts? I have a set of hydro blue, premium with proximity sensor. missing the little covers/inserts where the window post goes into the door. if the windows are in its no big deal cuz they aren't in then. only when the windows are out is the hole visible. I'm sure...
  5. Key fob low battery warning

    swapped out the batteries in both fobs last weekend. was not tough. Thanks everyone
  6. Key fob low battery warning

    Thank you everyone for your replies and help
  7. Key fob low battery warning

    Anyone have this happen? Got a warning message on the center screen between the speedo and tach stating: Key fob battery low. Can i just get a new battery and put it in or do i need to have the dealership do it and reprogram it? Hoping the first but expecting some bs. Thanks
  8. Missouri Want to buy a set of REAR Half Doors.

    Looking for a set of REAR half doors. any color. Will pick up if necessary. Thanks
  9. Oklahoma 2021 JL Factory Half Doors (2 Dr)

    No need to send unedited. Those are the standard uppers
  10. Oklahoma 2021 JL Factory Half Doors (2 Dr)

    standard uppers? not premium?
  11. JD Powers Survey

    well there's a whole lot of time i will never get back. Didn't read the whole thing, but holy crap. 51 pages and it will prob get to 101.
  12. What engine Would You Chose? (Poll)

    i went with non turbo non crazy horsepower. Need to daily drive it and 10-14 mpg sucks too much money out of my pocket. Turbos get expensive to replace too. have the 3.6 now and its fine
  13. St. Louis MO

    don't blame you there. Who knows when you could get it. I'm waiting for a new cool color or for when they bring back Ocean Blue Metallic or Snazzberry. Then I'll get the 2 door base.
  14. St. Louis MO

    If you haven't ordered or bought off a lot yet, I would get a quote from one of the forum dealers. and then take that quote to some of the local dealers and see if they will match. Grainger is a good one to get a quote from. I went with Royal Gate (now david taylor) when i bought my 2018 JLU...
  15. 2024 Sport and S waiting room

    It takes them a long time to update the configurator. And by the time they do it’s almost out of date again. I had to talk to a couple dealers and have grainger jeep here on the forum update the info. They are great source of info and discounts. Enjoy whichever Jeep you get and have fun with it!
  16. 2024 Sport and S waiting room

    Oh. If I remember correctly you can get the 3.6 auto combo in the gladiator for an up charge of only $2500.
  17. 2024 Sport and S waiting room

    This has been gone over on other threads I believe. Originally for model year 2024 it was: 3.6 with manual was standard. Couldn’t get the 3.6 with the auto until you got to the rubicon level trim. You could also not get a manual due to a TSB. So you were stuck getting a 2.0t with auto or go...
  18. California jeep wrangler half doors. premium uppers, 2021 Jeep Wrangler 392 Sting Gray

    I'm interested in these. Might be able to get my brother-in-law to pick them up.