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  1. I need advice.... What could’ve caused this under hood damage?

    Just look at the underbody. If it is thrashed to shit and all scuffed up than you know it has had a hard life. If it looks clean still than it was probably a road warrior. Do look at the paint around the hinges and under the hood though. See if that had been repainted yet or not.
  2. I need advice.... What could’ve caused this under hood damage?

    Heat and water from offroading. Nothing to worry about. IT is a crappy fiber sheet that always wears out on any vehicle.
  3. Backing Into Parking Spots: The Debate

    I MADE THE CUT!!!!!! WhootWhoot :LOL:
  4. I Got Some Bad Trail Wounds

    You're lucky. In Massachusetts, any off road use is not covered.
  5. Backing Into Parking Spots: The Debate

    Backing in is actually more practical than driving in. Leaving is easier because you can just pull out while seeing if there is any traffic coming instead of backing out and stopping every few seconds to make sure a car or pedestrians arent in your path. You can also adjust how the vehicle lines...
  6. I Got Some Bad Trail Wounds

    Best bet is to get a new hard top, New bumper, fender... any plastic piece that is damaged really and get quotes from a body shop. The top being that damaged is not worth fixing. You can order just the rear shell itself. That body damage though.... That is going to be ALOT of money. Or you wear...
  7. Is open Jeep a dying art?

    It IS an add on feature though?
  8. Southeast fuel shortage...

    Picture this. The power grid goes down in the summer time with high heat because everyone cranks the AC. Now. Imagine how bad it will be with everyone charging a vehicle every night.......
  9. It's a Jeep, not a "car".

    If you only use your Wrangler as a daily driver, and have never EVER taken it offroad and do not plan on taking it off road.... well than it IS in fact a CAR.
  10. Can I fit 5 Rubicon Rims & Tires in the back of my JLU Sahara?

    Yes, i fit 5 in the back of my 2 door with the seal out :)
  11. Another issue. 4 hi

    You must be trolling everyone right?...... there is no way in hell you are being serious.
  12. Extra bolts in my Willys

    I mean..... buying one of these piece of shit Wranglers we kind of signed on for dealing with shoddy workmanship.
  13. Extra bolts in my Willys

    Those deff ARE NOT spare bolts for anything that is suppose to be taken off. They have that red thread locker on them meaning that once they are installed they should not be replaced unless repairs or replacements are being done. I do not know where they are from but yea.
  14. Dealer Cussed me out over Survey!

    I agree. My VW dealership was amazing when it came to any and all of my issues. The Jeep dealers however.......
  15. Did they really do anything ?

    Yea you cannot trust a dealership to do oil changed properly. I stopped using my free ones and started doing the oil changes myself because they kept putting an extra quart in. I actually got into an argument with 2 of the "techs" over how much oil goes into the JL. They said "ALL WRANGLERS TAKE...
  16. Y'all not messin around with the off-road trails

    You gotta head down South. Not too many places to wheel in Plymouth but there are a few deep woods trails that will keep ya entertained for a couple hours.
  17. Y'all not messin around with the off-road trails

    You are very smart my dude. I am not new to Jeep'n but when I bought my JL I went straight to the local goodies store and got the folding shovel, hatchet, machete, recovery gear and what not. Get all that stuff and see what your Jeep can do before doing any mods, that is the smart way. The...
  18. Proximity locks & impatient wife

    Tell your wife to chill the hell out and wait..... or simply unlock it when you put your keys in your pocket? There really is no magic trick here. It is electronics doing what they do in the times manor that they do em in.
  19. Soft Top showing wear.

    If this were doing it on the outside I would say it has to do with degradation but this is on the inside. No sun sees that and i dont use soap on the top..