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  1. Toyota to Jeep...yes or no?

    I like my 2 door a lot...as a second vehicle. I doubt I would buy a 4 door Wrangler (I don't need the space). My commute is 35 miles each way, mostly highway. Someone with a shorter commute may not care about the noise or ride quality as much. I stopped dealing with the Jeep dealer I bought from...
  2. Bronco fad?

    Not reading all the posts in this thread, but every time I come to this forum, someone (usually with a low post count, new to the forum looking to get "Jeep cred") feels the need to start a new Bronco vs Wrangler thread, to reinforce their purchase.
  3. No Reason Here For LED Lights

    How much other modern technology do you complain about?
  4. Real world, 2 v 4 door?

    I love my 2 door but certainly wouldn't recommend one for anyone looking traveling with 3 people or with a dog, especially on longer trips. I also don't think a 2 door Wrangler is necessarily a good road trip vehicle either, it could do it, but I would prefer something else on trips longer than...
  5. All Electric Wrangler - Interesting Read

    I honestly can't tell if this is your true feelings/education on the topic or if its a sarcastic comment. Well done!
  6. All Electric Wrangler - Interesting Read

    People complain about lack of charging stations, or speed of the stations. Which can be problems on road trips. I've driven my Rivian about 12k miles in about a year, and have used HVDC stations a total of 8 times, two of those were before my home charger was installed. Four of the stops were...
  7. New Jeep CEO Named (Antonio Filosa) Amid Declining Sales.

    People are still crying about stop/start? Do they really find the defeat button that intimidating?
  8. What is a fair price for windshield replacement?

    Last time Safelite replaced my windshield I wound up with a free used screwdriver, left in the cup holder. But I would probably pick a local place next time.
  9. New Jeep CEO Named (Antonio Filosa) Amid Declining Sales.

    Only when there is no recall or stop sales in effect.
  10. Scotch guard cloth seats? Or other protection?

    Title is definitely click bait. Not at all what I was expecting. But I have applied nothing to my cloth seats, 2019 bought in late 2018, about 40k miles, but no dogs or kids. And all I drink in it is water or coffee.
  11. Looking at trading my 4Runner for a Jeep (Fuel Economy?)

    Its going to be an unpopular opinion here, but I wouldn't want a Wrangler for commuting 50 miles a day, plus more driving during the day for work. To me, the "gas savings", just wouldn't be worth it. Maybe its because I am getting old, maybe because I have a 2 door soft top. Jeeps are loud to...
  12. Leaving Jeep after 40 years due to poor customer care :(

    I love having my Jeep as a 2nd vehicle. Every time I think about getting a newer version, I remember that it took two dealers and 3-4 months to get my radio replaced. I know there are nicer Jeep dealers out there, but I wouldn't even consider Jeep's higher end offerings with the dealers near me...
  13. Would getting a 2 Door be stupid?

    I have and love my 2 door, but I have no kids. I can't picture buying a 4 door for my needs (even though they get better powertrain options. I would not recommend a 2 door to someone with kids. Or you can go ahead and buy a two door, and enjoy it right up until the time your wife asks you to...
  14. 20th Anniversary Rubicon 4xe and 392 Package Details and Pricing & Official Press Release

    No 2 door option? Can a company ignore it's heritage anymore?
  15. Finally my JL 2023 4xe HIGH ALTITUDE arrived...

    Too excited to post a picture?
  16. Would like some input on trade vs upgrade

    To me, 72 months is a long time to carry an auto loan. In 6 years, when it would be paid off, you could probably look at a brand new 2030 Wrangler. That being said, if you are spending the money on axels for a Sport, its probably worth it to upgrade to the Rubi.
  17. Trade in Values tanking

    Tesla dropped their prices, but the new dropped prices are much closer to what they were pre-pandemic. Tesla owners are mad at Tesla for dropping prices, prices they thought were fair when they bought a month ago. Same thing with dealers, prices are dropping, but if you buy from a local dealer...
  18. Trade in Values tanking

    Three years ago those trade in values were normal.
  19. Jeep got keyed on Day#2 of ownership

    As soon as I read the OPs post I thought the exact same thing, 4xE keyed at a hotel on a work trip. Someone shouldn't key your car, but someone also shouldn't park in a EV charging spot hours after they are done charging. Not blaming the victim, just pointing out basic courtesy which can lead to...