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  1. Recs for paint shop in Long Beach - LAX area?

    I've got some new fender flares that need paint. Before I take them to some random shop, does anyone have recommendations for a paint/body shop in the Long Beach or LAX area? Thanks!
  2. California Sold: Set of 4 Gladiator Rubicon wheels w/ tires - Long Beach

    Set of 4 Gladiator Rubicon wheel & tire take-offs. I picked these up from a forum member and ran them on my Willys for a few months until my 4XE arrived. Tires are Falken Wildpeak A/T AT3W LT285/70R17 Load Range C. Tire date codes are 1520 and 1620. Exact miles on the tires unknown, but he said...
  3. California Sold: WTB: JLU Sahara Side Steps

    Crazy as it sounds, I'm looking for a take-off set of side steps that came with the Sahara 4-door. I'm in Long Beach, willing to pick up in SoCal.
  4. Can you still order a Freedom edition?

    I see that the Freedom edition is still offered on the configurator. We all know how accurate that it is(n't). Is it really still possible to order a Freedom edition? Asking because I kinda think that I might want to go that route but I seem to recall that they were going to be a limited offering.
  5. Another TPMS question

    I'm sorry if this has been already covered to death, but the search function didn't lead me to what I'm looking for. I have a 2022 JLU that I recently rotated the tires on. The TPMS still shows the tires in their original positions, and I haven't figured out how to get it to learn the new...
  6. Pics: Earl vs other colors side-by-side

    I was at Gupton earlier this week to pick up my HV 4xe, and they had several Earls on the lot. I was able to get a few shots of Earl next to some other colors for comparison. Shot in mid-morning light, so some nuances may be lost: Earl and Silver
  7. Looking for ordering advice on Steel Bumpers and Mopar Grab handles

    I'm getting ready to order a new 4xe, and looking for input from those who know. I'm considering the Steel Bumpers and the Mopar Grab Handles. If you have either of these, would you get it again? Any other thoughts about them?
  8. Newbee JLU ordering questions

    I'm making plans to order a new JLU. I've been lurking here for a while and have already learned a lot. Thanks to everyone who has contributed, I've learned that Gupton is a great place to order from. I've also learned that the Jeep online configurator is kinda wonky, that I probably don't want...