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  1. which wiring harness? ('24 JLU)

    Greetings. We have a hitch receiver, but need a trailer wiring harness for a '24 JLU Sport. Crazy price range -- $75 for basic Quadratic, $140 for Rugged Ridge, $315 for Mopar. I'd welcome any & all guidance on what's 'good enough' and reasonably reliable.
  2. Mopar Vehicle Protection? Alternative Warranty Plan?

    Greetings. We have a '24 JLU (on the road Oct '23) with almost 9K on it. I expect that we'll put 12-15K/year on it. Got a letter today from Mopar Vehicle Protection. What are your thoughts/conventional wisdom on getting the extended warranty? Mopar? An alternative? Any & all insight welcome.
  3. So how fast is a JL anyway?

    The 2.0L T can indeed get it done. You do have to pay for the gas, but the 270 horses get it done.
  4. 2024 Jeep 2.0 real world mpg?

    Just over 1500 miles. Includes 3 trips from D.C. to Baker WV (~250 mi. round trip). I tend to push it going out and try to chill on the return.
  5. So how fast is a JL anyway?

    No idea whether it's speed-limited. It's a standard, which strikes me as being harder to limit. We've only had it to 100 or so -- more than fast enough.
  6. So how fast is a JL anyway?

    We have three vehicles. In order of 'fast': '97 BMW Z3 2.8 2014 Mazda CX-5 2024 JLU Sport S 2.0 We can readily travel 80mph on the highway in the JLU if traffic permits, but mpg plummets. We bought the Jeep for mountain gravel, not for fast. (My better half bought the Z3 because driving it...
  7. 2024 Jeep 2.0 real world mpg?

    New '24 JLU 2.0L Sport S. Hardtop. ~ 1000 mi. I typically drive like the old man that I am to try to maximize mpg. I get ~20 in the city, ~24 on the highway. Unless you're trying to maintain 70mph, in which case no better than 20 mpg ('cause bricks just aren't aerodynamic). My better half...
  8. highway driving - slow to downshift

    Thanks. So does that mean that my right foot needs to be a little more aggressive when I find the engine laboring given the current conditions/rpms (e.g. - going uphill at 1500 rpm)?
  9. highway driving - slow to downshift

    New to Jeep. Driving a 2024 JLU Sport (2.0L turbo). On the highway, the auto transmission puts the jeep into 8th readily enough, but there's just not enough torque to get up hills when traveling 60-something mph (it's at about 1500 rpm). And it tends not to downshift readily. I found that I...
  10. Disable Sound Horn with Lock and Unlock?

    A day late and a dollar short ... With our 2024 JLU Sport, the "hold for 5 seconds ... " approach did/does not work, but unchecking the "Sound horn with lock" in the Settings does. I no longer need to be 20 feet away before locking the Jeep.
  11. brighter headlamp recommendations?

    Yeah, it's a 2024 Sport S. I guess FCA/Stellantis doesn't want drivers of its 'lesser models' to be able to see the road.
  12. brighter headlamp recommendations?

    Thanks. Did you have to do any computer updates when you installed the Beamtechs?
  13. Halogen to LED upgrade

    Hi folks. New here, new to Jeep. I'm guessing that 'flashing' and tazer are references to updating the onboard computer. Can someone explain why that's needed when upgrading a headlight bulb?
  14. brighter headlamp recommendations?

    Thanks very much. Can anyone explain why programming/reprogramming is (or may be) needed when upgrading bulbs (as discussed in the thread linked in the prior message)?
  15. Will 2018-23 rails/hitch receiver fit a 2024?

    Greetings. New to Jeep Nation. My better half just acquired a 2024 Wrangler Sport S. Can anyone advise if rails (nerf bars) and a hitch receiver advertised to fit the 2018-23 JL will fit the 2024 model? Thanks kindly.
  16. brighter headlamp recommendations?

    Greetings. New to Jeep Nation -- my better half just acquired a 2024 Wrangler Sport S. Having a whack of a lot of fun thus far ... but I do find the headlamp illumination to be anemic. Can anyone recommend a brighter/tighter headlamp? This is what's in there now: