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  1. For my American friends

  2. 17 jeeps available at the dealership in ontario

    In case u are sick if waiting...
  3. Good basic 2 door capability video

    Worth a watch.
  4. Fend bulb options for Canadians. What i did.

    So my Willys has the LED lighting except the fenders. 2 bulbs. A 7444 white and a 7444NA amber Also Canadian so have DLR which by default uses the low beams. I grabbed jscan and set my DLR to just the halo. Looks great. I know most with the dual bulb per fender use a led switchback but I...
  5. Auto lights sensitivity

    I find in the Jeep that the auto lights come on super quick. Like when you are on a trail they are coming on and off a lot. Even if you are in the shade for a few seconds. More so then other vehicles I have owned. And driving around I see other vehicles with dlrs still on with auto lights and...
  6. My cell phone mount

    So after not seeing any mounts I liked I figured out my own. I used a 12v aluminum plug Part of a a 12v usb charger I cannibalize A ESR halolock magsafe mount A halolock magnet for my phone case So I drilled a hole threw the 12v plug and made a countersink to holed the nut 12v usb plug I...
  7. Leaving Chrysler cable attached?

    So got my Chrysler cable, obd2 blue tooth scanner today. Hooked it all up and used jscan to change stuff. Worked great Question is can I just leave that cable and obd2 scanner attached and tucked up under the dash? Or do I need to put it all back in? I would put it back like factory for...
  8. Lets see where you put your cell phones

    So I ordered this Well the box showed up today and it was a wooden advant calender. Thanks China Refund done But when I read a review while figuring out why I got the wrong item one review said it won't work with 2 drs because of the seat sliding forward. Went and checked. 100% it would...
  9. What are your other rides?

    Saw this in another tread and since I'm a vehicle person I like checking out everything else. I'll start His and hers. JEEP got a lot of money from me the last few months. Then my project vehicle And my wanna go fast vehicle
  10. What versions/jeeps is the tire fill assit app available

    I've read some older posts about the tire fill assist. Some said it's only on rubicons and others said it's on all model. I have a willys with uconnect 4c 8.4 nav and don't see it. I know my wifes GC L with uconnect 5 (which is great btw) has it.
  11. Rokblokz installed. First real addon lol

    Showed up early yesterday. They are quick disconnect as well. My 2nd set. 1st set was on a '14 focus st. Was about 305cdn shipped for them but I know they will not crack or break in winter and are well made.
  12. 2dr suspension springs

    So I got my rokblokz mudflaps today. After I installed then I decided to try and figure out what springs I have. I know they are sport springs with rubi shocks. I've also read (but it could be those flithy 4drs that have this) that all 4 shocks are different. Like one side is taller then the...
  13. Canada Northridge 4x4 site

    Does the Canadian site offer discounts like military etc?
  14. DLRs

    Anyone got a picture of the DLRs on with the LED headlights. I was looking today (lights set to auto) and the main headlights were dim in the center but I don't recall any lights in the fender on. I'll check again tomorrow at work once it is light out. Or are our DLRs not in the fenders. I...
  15. Hard top lift and storage solutions

    Anyone have pics of their 2 dr hard top Lift set? Dyi or bought. All I see are 4 dr ones when I search. Me and the wife took mine off today. Was a little awkward as I'm 6 2 and she's 5 4 but we got it done. I'm thinking for next spring though so I don't have to rely on her.
  16. My Purchase Experience

    So here is my experience Once I decided I want I wanted I was told to contact. I do not live near this dealership and did everything online. Mitch Cadesky Serpa Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM SRT MOPAR ProMaster Commercial & CCRC. 20 Cowdray Ct, Scarborough, ON So after a few phone calls and a...
  17. Noob question but

    Is it easier to take the 2dr hard top off with the panels in place or keep them attached? Thursday looks nice yet cool so I might get the wife to help me put it in the garage for the one day before the rain starts again lol
  18. Todays the day!

    I'm about to drive the 1.5hrs to pick up my new, factory ordered, first Jeep Wrangler. It's pissing rain so won't get the best of pictures etc. But I'll have some. Stay tuned....
  19. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Why not lol Still waiting to pick mine up, it's at the dealer, so I ordered rokblokz mudflaps. I owned a set for my 2014 Ford focus st and I can say they are worth the money. They don't crack or get brittle in -40C and provide large coverage
  20. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    we know what a real jeep looks like lol