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  1. Rubicon X only 4-auto Transfer Case?

    No, it's a completely different transfer case. A TAZER can't change the fact is uses wearable clutch plates (as opposed to gears) to lock the front and rear axles. At at the end of the day, it probably works fine for most people. However those that wheel a lot have experienced some...
  2. Rubicon X only 4-auto Transfer Case?

    I've heard of problems with the clutch-type version in the 392. I also plan on keeping this vehicle for a long time. As the clutches wear, you'll never get a true lock. It's just not worth the risk when a simpler, more proven version exists.
  3. Rubicon X only 4-auto Transfer Case?

    Is it true that the Rubicon X can only be ordered with the clutch-type transfer case (the one with the 4H-Auto position). I'm going to be in the market in about 9 months when our lease expires on our 21 JL Sport X. I def do NOT want that transfer case!
  4. Thoughts on the 2024 Pricing & Build Tool (Jeep.com)

    Is the Rubicon X basically the painted roof/fenders and leather interior? It seems like all of the other option package short of those can be had on the "standard" Rubi
  5. Thoughts on the 2024 Pricing & Build Tool (Jeep.com)

    Does anyone else think it's INSANE that a Rubicon with an auto transmission and adding only the technology package & Conv package is near $60K? With CLOTH seats nonetheless!! Jeep is getting a bit greedy with their pricing. I know this is rhetorical complaining because they are going to...
  6. 2024 Wrangler Refresh ordering starts 3/15/23 with updated grille, new screen, cluster, seats, wireless CarPlay & more

    Any news from CDJR dealers/ sales associates? The Jeep consumer website has not changed at all. Zero info on 2024 refresh.
  7. Front Axle Disconnect confusion

    I was looking on the wrong side.....it's on the passenger side behind the axle. I recently replaced my ball joints and had the axle shafts out and I guess I just wasn't paying attention.
  8. Front Axle Disconnect confusion

    I remember when the JL first came out, purists were upset about the Front Axle Disconnect. I’ve had the front of my Wrangler apart a lot recently chasing death wobble. My axle does NOT have a FAD. I’ve seen what the little motor looks like in pictures and it’s simply not there. Did they...
  9. Chasing Death Wobble--HELP

    You're likely right! (Unfortunately )
  10. Chasing Death Wobble--HELP

    UPDATE: DW is GONE! (Fingers crossed). Here was my process of diagnosing/fixing: 1) Tire Rotation/ Road-force balance & Alignment. (worked for a bit, but came back within a couple weeks) 2) Replaced track bar with aftermarket one and re-torqued all suspension bolts related to the front...
  11. Chasing Death Wobble--HELP

    Are you sure you’re talking about the track bar and not the drag link. The video of I shared was of my drag link (Not the track bar)
  12. Chasing Death Wobble--HELP

    Well, the tire rotation/balance/alignment worked for a while, but the wobble has reared it ugly head again. Since I've already replaced the track bar, what would you try next? -Drag Link? -Ball Joints? Aside from the video i posted earlier with the (what some call normal and others don't)...
  13. Chasing Death Wobble--HELP

    Honest to god. I checked 5 of my neighbors low mileage JLs and at least 5 down at the lot 1/4 mile from my house. ALL sounded exactly like the video posted above.
  14. Chasing Death Wobble--HELP

    No not yet. I got an alignment, tire rotation and road force balancing that seems to have helped. I also checked several other JLs down at the local dealer (10+) and every single one of them had the same exact play (as in the video I posted above)in the knuckle side of the drag link. I...
  15. Chasing Death Wobble--HELP

    UPDATE: I found a significant amount of play in the knuckle end of the drag link. Could this be causing my issue? I can physically grab the drag link and feel and hear play in the joint.
  16. Early Onset Death Wobble Help

    UPDATE: I found a significant amount of play in the knuckle end of the drag link. Could this be causing my issue? I can physically grab the drag link and feel and hear play in the joint.
  17. Chasing Death Wobble--HELP

    Thanks for the reply. First, I assure you it was death wobble. Had to pull over and come to a complete stop to get it to stop. I confirmed the torque on the track bar bolts is at the proper torque. There is no way my castor is out whack THAT much. Plus it's been find for 8,000+...
  18. Chasing Death Wobble--HELP

    If I wanted to do that, I would have done it. It’s not the lift (at least directly) been driving on it for 8000+ miles with no issues. Some else happened more recently.
  19. Chasing Death Wobble--HELP

    My wife's Jeep has recently started death wobbling. When we first got it, I upgraded the tires to BFG KO2 (33""), put in a 2" puck lift with FOX Shocks as well as a FOX through shaft steering stabilizer. We've driven about 9,500 miles on it with no issues at all. All of sudden it started...
  20. Color Drama

    I hate blue cars, but when it came time to order our JLU our primary choice wasn’t available due to supply chain issues. I left it up to my wife (since it’s it’s her daily driver) and our kids. We ended up with Hydro Blue Pearlcoat and we absolutely LOVE it!