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  1. Fire Engulfed JLU

    The average human will be completely forgotten within three generations of their death. Is that serious enough?
  2. Anyone Know What This Is Mounted to Frame?

    Cool. Will it hold real beer, too??? :)
  3. Can someone explain why?

    Go easy, folks. Imagine how small his penis must be to overcompensate like that. I mean, what's smaller than a micro-penis? A nano-penis? A pico-penis?
  4. Fire Engulfed JLU

    Wonder if the driver was in New York today... Too soon?
  5. Hawaii peeps... a word...

    Their tours are more reasonably priced than I would have guessed. Thanks.
  6. Tire Covers Rant - Holland/Barstool Sports/Tire covers com

    And now I know how Moses felt... Moses: ... and last but not least, number 10: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife... Israelites: Um... Yeah... suuure, Moses. So it's God that wants us to stop shtupping your wife???
  7. Anyone Know What This Is Mounted to Frame?

    People stick all kinds of lights under their Jeeps... why not add some surround sound???
  8. Tire Covers Rant - Holland/Barstool Sports/Tire covers com

    I go through car washes, but I don't have a tire cover. You know what the worst thing about having a tire cover is? The certainty that you'll never again know the love of a real woman... :)
  9. Tire Covers Rant - Holland/Barstool Sports/Tire covers com

    Whoa! WHOA! WHOA!!!! Hold on a second. I don't kill the puppies. God does when somebody deletes a thread. I'm just the messenger. :)
  10. Hawaii peeps... a word...

    Excellent. We do plan on taking one day just to sit on the beach and relax. Some of those destinations folks have listed thus far sound familiar. I've seen a few different trolleys that stop at some of those points. That might be something to check out.
  11. 2020 JLU softop with windows off all summer

    Would it be worth it to pick up one of those waterproof car covers for the Jeep? It's not going to help if you get caught in a downpour on the highway, but it would be pretty easy to throw on if you had to leave it parked with rain in the forecast. Just a thought.
  12. help with lightning recommendations

    Or if you're a cheap bastard like I am... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08BFZN88K/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 So far, so good.
  13. Bike rack for 2 door?

    +1 for the 1UP rack. For mine I bought an over/under hitch extender. It dropped the rack down just enough that it clears the tailgate.
  14. Question on Driving - Wind & Mountains

    I am deeply confused as to what any of those pics (nice as they are) has to do with wind or mountains or questions...
  15. Hawaii peeps... a word...

    For our 35th anniversary, Mrs. Opus and I are spending a week in Hawaii (Honolulu near Diamond Head to be exact). We have already booked a Luau (Paradise Cove) and a dinner cruise (Star of Honolulu). We actually dig the kitschy, touristy stuff. We're thinking of doing a trolley tour around...
  16. Any 4-dr JL owners switch to a 2-dr JL and…

    If I still had kids at home, I definitely would have gone the JLUR route. But we are empty-nesters now and we have my wife's Compass if we need a rear seat... The road trip we did last summer in the 2-door was such a blast that we're planning to road trip back to Moab in the summer of '25 to...
  17. This lasted a day.

    Tube doors, ftw. Relatively inexpensive and provide a little extra safety around corners.
  18. Seized Jeep for sale

    Yeah, if I had to guess I'd say drug bust seizure. Buy it and pull the door panels... you may find enough blow to pay off the Jeep... :)
  19. Let's see your steel wheels

    I would have gone with a matte black steel wheel if it had been an option when I ordered. I opted for the Granite Crystal wheels as the closest option I had. Now, once it's time for new tires I'll have to decide whether I want to go with a new wheel as well. If I do it will be either a matte...