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  1. Load E tires

    I've had a couple sets of load E and haven't felt much of a difference. PSI will make a big impact.
  2. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    We will probably get dumped on in March/April 😆
  3. XTREME RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    The bolts were also my concern. Last year they help up fine. Will see about this year.
  4. EARL Wrangler JL Club / Photos

    Makes sense. Common for Jeep to do.
  5. Are "Expensive" Tires Even Worth It?

    What didn't you like about them? I had 3 sets in 38-40" and liked them. Smooth/quiet on road, did well in winter and rain, performed well off road (not a rock crawler), stayed balanced. The only downside was they wear a bit quicker. However, that is due to the softer compound which helps with...
  6. Are "Expensive" Tires Even Worth It?

    I've found often that they aren't. I've tried many different tires, including more budget friendly options and find often they are solid tires. I've also bought "top notch" tires that were disappointing.
  7. EARL Wrangler JL Club / Photos

    Earl was a short run?
  8. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    Getting jipped this year in IL. No snow to take pictures in.
  9. XTREME RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Has there been issues with the XR wheel due to salt? Typically OE wheels hold up to it without issue.
  10. REIGN Wrangler JL club

    Congrats! Your wait was crazy.
  11. Jeep Empathy

    I'm up there in the jeep count with you as well. I've only had one that was a problem. 2017 Wrangler. It would fail to shift, engine struggled etc. None of the dealerships were of help. Finally got it partially fixed and traded it in.
  12. Jeep Empathy

    Jeep has always drawn the affluent buyers. This is nothing new. In my area, we have houses upwards of 50,000 sq ft. The majority own, or have always owned, jeep products from the old school cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, Wranglers, Commanders etc. I think people are just becoming more complaint prone.
  13. Tire suggestions

    The GY Duratrac is great in winter weather.
  14. Jeep Empathy

    Jeep quality issues aren't a new thing. They were just as prevalent in the 90s. Jeeps have always been overpriced and issue prone. Does this make it right? No. Does jeep care? No Will jeep correct this tradition? Probably not. With the strong customer base they have, they will continue to...
  15. Found:Jeep charger in the wild

    😆. It actually looks like it would be a lot of fun!
  16. Tire options

    The BFG run smaller than the rest. Sounds like you are looking for an AT tire. I am currently running the Delium Terra Raider AT. It is slightly louder than the BFGs, however it is much more aggressive, grippier, and does really well in winter weather.
  17. I have a decision to make.

    I'm not a fan of the 392 model. I have been a proponent of a Hemi Wrangler for a long time, but I would have preferred it to be an upgraded engine option. 5.7 would have been perfect. I don't want a "race jeep." I want a jeep with more power and torque within reason.
  18. Found:Jeep charger in the wild

    Not what I expected based on the thread title. I was thinking Jeep/Dodge Charger Frankenbuild 😆
  19. Which first, lift, or bigger tires?

    If it is out of your budget, I'd say do neither. Alternatively, you could do a spacer lift and save a ton of money.
  20. I think we all knew this, now there is a study to prove it.

    Precisely the method I use! I have found that Kohls tends to have a few pairs or New Balance in my size so this is not my go to. 😆