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  1. Smittybilt vs LOD Sliders Strength - (edited)

    Even if you are not using them as actual sliders, they are likely to start flaking and rusting after a year or 2. You'll find others on here that have had that occur on parts ranging from bumpers to sliders and etc.
  2. 2inch lift with Fox lift kit?

    I'd check out Synergy for a 2" lift kit and Clayton for a 1.5" lift kit. Both can be paired with Fox shocks for a great ride.
  3. BFG All Terrain T/A K02 sold at Costco

    Smart man. I thought they were good at first, but as they wore they got worse and worse performing in rain or any type of snow. And I am not talking about 40k miles on them. Like after 10-15k they started to go down in performance really quickly in poor weather.
  4. Trip to Moab advice

    As @GATORB8 said, Get TrailsOffroad. You can download both Utah and Colorado and know where you are at all times. Ophir is in easy trail. Black Bear really is not much more diffucult. It just has more of a reputation and higher danger level. But if you can stay calm and not panic on the shelf...
  5. Trip to Moab advice

    When is your trip? That will determine what may be available in CO to hit up.
  6. Rough Ride

    I stopped at Rough Country. They are not a very good quality lifts so you likely are having issues due to that. BUT... check your tire pressure. Factory says to set it at 37 PSI, but you can likely adjust that down. Depending what the load rating is you could go anywhere from 25-30 cold and that...
  7. Overwhelmed: Sway bar links for Rubicon

    If you want an upgrade and more room to flex, I'd skip the Rock Krawler since they're so expensive and get the Icon version. Not as beefy, but you don't really need that anyways. They're half the price or so and work great. I've been running them for coming up on 2 years...
  8. Can't decide between two lift options

    Right... and do you need all the extra travel for what trails you run? You can likely get plenty of travel from the Clayton lift to run near any trail you want given your tires are sized accordingly.
  9. Not the usual bumper question

    Yep. Stock bumper with little protection here and never had an issue. I've also done several deep water crossings and some that are more than just a simple 1 second crossing.
  10. 35's with skids or 37's without

    It may wear them out quicker, but then you get to upgrade more parts!
  11. 35's with skids or 37's without

    Send the award my way! I'll put it on my desk!
  12. 35's with skids or 37's without

    What? You could have posted literally anything else and it would have been more helpful than what you said!
  13. 35's with skids or 37's without

    Don't crawl on Rick without his permission! You're asking for trouble! But the rest of what he said I agree with. Just no Rick crawling.
  14. How would you spend $500

    Agreed with everyone else. BUT... if you are playing in the rocks sliders are a better more economical choice. If you are likely to end up with all of these upgrades anyways, just get the ones that will be more relevant to trails you are running currently.
  15. How to identify front bumper manufacturer?

    If you are not finding any markings to identify a manufacturer, it is likely a Chinese copy of a copy of a copy. I would NOT tow anything using the d-ring mounts.
  16. New Shoes

    I bet if you swapped back to the stock grill, you'd be under weight. That thing has to weight at least 200-300#. I run 25PSI cold... to answer the question.
  17. Short trip to moab

    We have stayed at Under Canvas in Big Water (near Lake Mead) and near Zion NP. Both were great experiences for what they are. It's 5-star camping more or less. They do have great customer service as well. I'd recommend it for sure. Wife debated on staying there or Hampton Inn, but Hampton Inn...
  18. Returning to Ca. from EJS

    Have a safe trip home! EJS iOS a ton of fun. We went last weekend and had a blast. Will continue going back for sure.
  19. DIY The PreCut Kit - Cargo Drawer for Jeep Wrangler JLU!

    From the site below… So since I’m married, I’d not be able to return it if I wasn’t happy with it!? In the absence of marriage, you can return this product only if you have not started assembling it yet.
  20. Wheels, Rims, Spacers and Tires.

    A buddy is running KMC Beadlocks (not sure what model) and has had no issues with them. One benefit is the extra width on some trails would be helpful. One obstacle in Moab this past week I scraped a fender and he was clearing it just fine due to wider stance.