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  1. Wireless charging our 4xe?

    Electrified roads? Hard pass. We can’t even get pot holes right. Given the state of our roads, and highway infrastructure in general, I really doubt this would be a sensible option. Not to mention, accounting for rain, snow, road debris, freeze/thaw cycles, and general wear and tear from...
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    That’s precisely my plan. There’s a lot of excess new inventory right now. In a few years, it should be a good time to pick up a 3.6 CPO on the cheap.
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Said goodbye. I loved that damn thing. But a lemon is a lemon.
  4. 2024 Jeep Wrangler 4XE shutting down

    Good luck. It took two months between when the settlement was agreed upon, and another two months from when the check was sent to when it was received by the hosting dealership. My surrender was outsourced by FCA to a third party purchaser, so it’s possible some additional coordination between...
  5. 2024 Jeep Wrangler 4XE shutting down

    Could be worse. In my case, it took 14 months between hiring a lemon lawyer and surrendering the vehicle. During that time, I literally bought another car just so I wouldn’t think about the jeep every time I drove.
  6. [video] Donut: "We Tried Cringe Jeep Accessories"

    Actually, there probably is a market for happy Jeep grilles. Maybe in pink too.
  7. B9A recall is available!

    Is the .1 enough to cover a beer? I do wonder how many CDJR dealerships are praying the remaining 4xes don’t get recalled. Especially the CARB ones, which as of 2023, have stopped receiving internal combustion models unless it was a custom order.
  8. Official Reveal: Jeep Concepts at 2024 Easter Jeep Safari EJS

    Really love the beige, plaid, and wood combination of that Wagoneer. Very evocative classic styling. Wish they dressed up the headliner and rear interior as well - the trunk shot is just a sea of black with some knickknacks on top. A beige plaid headliner would contrast really well with the red...
  9. B9A recall is available!

    At this point you’re just feeding trolls. I wouldn’t bother responding unless someone has a specific technical question. You’ll get burned out otherwise.
  10. Easter Jeep Safari 2024 - Trail Marker 3 Teaser

    Maybe it’s a 2018 JL five year anniversary heritage edition? 🤣
  11. B9A recall is available!

    Oh wow. In the eight pages of this thread so far, that’s the first one I’ve heard of to fail the test. Bravo on your service rep for communicating the problem and next steps. Hopefully FCA has already set aside a small pile of batteries to address this. Good luck!
  12. What am I going to hate?

    I wish people were more willing to listen to dealer techs when making a purchasing decision. You would think they would know which models are reliable or not, and why. On a funnier note, you’ll also learn to hate other EV drivers:
  13. Easter Jeep Safari 2024 - Trail Marker 2 Teaser

    Stamped hood would make sense for the next Wrangler. Second one would be pretty cool Canadian edition. (Red paint scheme with white stripes, black and white flag) I mean, they already did a Chinese edition one. Why not Canada?
  14. What am I going to hate?

    If you’re willing to be a beta tester, be my guest. I bought one. Won’t buy another. Stick to the gas engine.
  15. What would it take to get you to trade your Wrangler for a Bronco??

    Eh, didn't have to. You still walked right into it. So, asking again. This time with quotes for the benefit of others: do you work for Ford? Or some marketing or product research firm paid for by Ford?
  16. What would it take to get you to trade your Wrangler for a Bronco??

    Do you work at Ford? Maybe work on improving the quality of your vehicles, since as of 2023, you have the most recalls of any brand. And double the number of the next most recalled brand. https://www.motor1.com/news/701756/ford-most-recalled-brand-america/amp/
  17. Service Hybrid Electric Vehicle System, Service Charging System, Cabin Cooling or Heating, CHOC, P0E15, B9A (23V-787)

    Surprise! There’s now two open recalls on my Jeep: The Jeep has been effectively mothballed for last few months. Maybe a good thing, since “Suspect vehicles may not have a functional defrosting and defogging system under certain conditions.” We had a few small snowstorms recently. Would have...
  18. Jeep recalls 139,318 Wrangler 4xe (2021-2024 model years) over defroster issue [2/21/24]

    Hang tight. Per moparinsiders, notices will be sent out to owners and dealers on April 5th. If it’s anything like B9A, they might not have a fix immediately available. On the bright side, by April 5th, most of the country won’t need defrosters anyway. 🤣🤣
  19. 4xe, Should I…?

    I’ve kept a detailed log on mine. Early 2021 factory order. When these go wrong, they can go really wrong. If you really want it, make sure to check to see if it is subject to the current B9A recall. This can be done by a quick vin lookup on NHTSA.gov or Mopar.com. This affects a certain...
  20. Ourisman Open Orders Post-Mitch

    Interesting strategy shift. Back when I ordered my 2021 4xe from Koons, I was aware they were able to offer their lower pricing precisely because of their volume. Ourisman is in my backyard - I did try a similar pricing exercise with them, but at that time, they had no room to negotiate beyond...