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  1. Can you get 5 tires in a jlu?

    My buddy was able to cram 11 tires (of similar sizes in my JLU
  2. Ourisman Open Orders Post-Mitch

    I haven’t even gotten to that point, I just need to know what the bank will be and the payments to know it before signing things
  3. Ourisman Open Orders Post-Mitch

    Hopefully you have better luck than what I’m going thru with email follow ups
  4. Ourisman Open Orders Post-Mitch

    He’s getting further along than I am with mine, I’m done with the back and forth emails and not getting much in return, I get you lost Mitch but you should have a few people handling these forum deals if you are a high volume dealer
  5. Ratbert's Dealers Below-Invoice Spreadsheet

    i I think he sent an email saying his finance manager had the file and was with a customer, I say this because as soon as I open it it goes away, I sent an email asking if he had sent one and no response. Kinda getting tired of having to keep sending emails, so I just wait honestly until it’s...
  6. Ourisman Open Orders Post-Mitch

    I sent you a PM @Ratbert should give insight to what is going on (from my POV)
  7. Ourisman Open Orders Post-Mitch

    I can PM you what my price is rn from the sales guy at Ourisman vs what I got from Mitch when we started the deal
  8. Ourisman Open Orders Post-Mitch

    When I ordered from Chapman, that person who was running the forum deals gave me an invoice price but it had went up a few hundred when the actual invoice came in
  9. Ourisman Open Orders Post-Mitch

    Mitch gave me a break down from msrp and 7% and 8% under, 96k-84 is about 11k under msrp which like 10% when you look at it like that.
  10. Ourisman Open Orders Post-Mitch

    On mine they show the MSRP (96k) but the price adjustment down shows the 84k which is what Mitch had said, based on what you are saying with trade has me nervous, as they are showing the value at the top end even though they have the miles for my trade I feel like it could go sideways based on...
  11. Ourisman Open Orders Post-Mitch

    I wonder if they didnt think many people would go to them for those deals. They are a high volume dealer so they'd make their money from walk-ins or people that will just order without knowing deals are there.
  12. Ourisman Open Orders Post-Mitch

    Thanks for the heads up, I will keep this in mind when I get mine finalized do you recall what line up was different?
  13. Ourisman Open Orders Post-Mitch

    They have honored the pricing. For me I wanted 8% as I could meet those criteria.
  14. 2024 Rubicon 392 Order Waiting Room

    I know that as of Monday
  15. 2024 Rubicon 392 Order Waiting Room

    I they'd never get back and I’d be busy with work to reach out, if I wouldn’t have checked on the forums I’d still be asking Mitch and then eventually call them asking WTH is going on
  16. 2024 Rubicon 392 Order Waiting Room

    My Jeep has been there since January going on a month, I finally got numbers back from them the price shows % under invoice as requested
  17. 2024 Rubicon 392 Order Waiting Room

    I hope I can pick mine up, with the whole Ourisman fiasco it’s testing my patience now
  18. Ourisman Open Orders Post-Mitch

    I emailed him when Mitch had a vacation last year, I should hear more from him about finalizing the deal
  19. Ourisman Open Orders Post-Mitch

    Nice, hopefully I get it soon if all goes to plan