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  1. 8.4 Backup Camera wasn't working

    Some of the apps in the Uconnect 8.4 were also unresponsive, the backup camera didn't come on in reverse, the backup camera button was also unresponsive. Pulled the battery negative for about 10 minutes, the camera started to work, unsurprising some apps were missing, the only two I use are...
  2. Level 1 Charger - Security

    Using the Level 1 charger that came with the Wrangler for the first time, plugged in to the wall works without issue. It will be plugged in for 7 hours, just think it's asinine that this $150 charger was designed to be left unsecured for hours when in use.
  3. Anyone have high quality 4xe artwork?

    Does anyone have the high quality 4xe artwork?
  4. Wrangler Sport S 4xe 2024

    Gives buyers even more price range, this should be good news. https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/2024-wrangler-refresh-ordering-starts-3-15-23-with-updated-grille-new-screen-cluster-seats-wireless-carplay-more.110295/
  5. 303 fabric protectant - Costco Canada

    Is finally available again at Costco Canada online, this is the best deal I have seen in months anywhere, don't think you need a membership to buy, price includes delivery to Toronto addresses. The only maintenance I do to the SOT, is to wipe/dry it with a microfiber cloth when I wash the...
  6. Door net is becoming quite the nuisance.

    Am I the only one getting my boots tangled up in the door net, the lace hooks of my left boot is always getting caught in the useless net, and I'm trapped there trying to untangle myself. Hooks are quite common on boots.
  7. Max Regen - Poll

    Previously I had Max Regen on all the time since day one. I did the one foot driving etc, then I came across a video from 4xeFans that made me stop using it. Now the drive is completely different, and I can coast, then when I need to slow down or stop, I just hit the brake as normal. Thoughts?
  8. Check Engine Light - Get diagnostic code

    Anyone know how to get the diagnostic code on the JL(specifically the 4xe) There was the trick on the JK, I can't find anything on the JL, every result seem to point to using a reader.
  9. Weight of tops Hard vs Soft vs Sky One-Touch

    anyone know the weights of the three tops I am guessing the Hardtop would be the heaviest, I am interested in knowing if the Sky One-Touch is lighter and how much lighter.
  10. Sky One-Touch - Name this part

    That fell out of the Sky One-Touch while it was opening. Seems to.open.and close as normal. Anyone know anything about that part, is it an unimportant spring that was just left somewhere in the roof.
  11. Use tow hooks for cord management

    Helps to keep the cords off the paint, sometimes I use both hooks if the charger is along the passenger side.
  12. Help: Hood clip replacement

    I bought the Mopar Air Deflector, it comes with 2 clips to attach the deflector to the underside of the hood. I lost one of the clips, does anyone know where I can get those clips, or suggest an alternative solution to put there to receive the screw.
  13. Guardian XM - information transmitted

    After the 1 year trial, what information continues to be sent to the Guardian XM servers, and or received by the Uconnect radio? I don't exactly want my Wrangler communicating with any service.
  14. Canada - Ontario Sold: Sunrider For Hardtop - '07-18 Wrangler - Sold

    $450USD New in box, never used. Feel the wind in your hair and the sun's warmth on your face. Just flip back the Sunrider® for Hardtop and you instantly have open-air fun. It's an all-weather, all-purpose, all-year answer to those bulky factory Freedom Panels. It’s the first and only product...
  15. 2011 Liberty Sport - Wrangler wheels

    Anyone knows if the Wrangler JL Sport stock wheels would fit on a 2011 Liberty Sport with no modifications being required?
  16. WiFi AT&T subscription

    The pricing for wifi is crazy for Canada, where I can get 4GB for $15, AT&T uConnect offer is 1GB for $15. Does anyone know if the SIM chip in the uConnect unit can be swapped for a different provider? The AT&T plans for the US does not appear to be ridiculous as the plans for Canada, FCA...
  17. Install SpiderWebShade JKini on the JL

    Did anyone try to install the JK JKini on the JL, tips would be helpful, I installed it, but would like to know if someone did a better job at it.