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  1. Automatic Transmission Issue

    The check plug isn't on the pan. One squirt of brake cleaner and the one tiny droplet running down the side is gone.
  2. Overheating while iddling 2.0T

    The cooling fans are electric, just like every modern vehicle.
  3. Automatic Transmission Issue

    Why would anyone have touched the pan?
  4. Wont Start

    You shouldn't.
  5. 2023 wont start

    Throw it away
  6. Wont Start

    Come on dealer, those switches can be tested in about 15 seconds.
  7. Neutral safety switch location

    Oh, don't do that. The faults you got are from you trying to start it with the manual park release pulled. Do you or do you not have signal at the starter?
  8. 2023 wont start

    AGM batteries don't recharge worth a flying f***. What was the actual resting voltage of the battery? If it was under 10 it's toast.
  9. Neutral safety switch location

    Does the IC indicate Park? If so, move on. There is no switch.
  10. Auto transmission slipping (I think??)

    More likely to fail slowly, set a gear ratio incorrect fault, go to limp mode. You might lose reverse.
  11. Auto transmission slipping (I think??)

    It wouldn't scare me to drive it until it has a consistent warning light.
  12. Auto transmission slipping (I think??)

    Nah, get a new transmission on their dime then drive it for a few hundred thousand miles.
  13. Auto transmission slipping (I think??)

    I do this for a living. They are correct, replacement is very rare, and they actually have no idea how to fix them either. They will send you through the corporate shit show of software update, valve body replacement, then backorder a trans. You might get lucky and get a valve body to fix it...
  14. Auto transmission slipping (I think??)

    Transmissions are on backorder, pretty heavy backorder. Good luck.
  15. Misfires 1, 3, 5 - p0300

    There is no such thing.
  16. Misfires 1, 3, 5 - p0300

    When working on an engine, the front of the engine is where the serpentine belt drive is, the rear is the transmission. The right side is the passenger's side of the vehicle. Bank 1.
  17. Overheating while iddling 2.0T

    An open thermostat results in LOW operating temperatures, I'm not sure what you're going on about but it isn't relevant by any means.
  18. Auto transmission slipping (I think??)

    Eh, should be pretty straightforward. If it is under warranty, it gets replaced. Have you been off road recently? If so, clean the crap out of it and make sure there is zero trail damage.