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  1. ARB Dual Air Mounting - Underseat?

    Also CE has this wiring kit that is highly recommended. Tony is a good guy and knows his automotive wiring and this solves all the issues with the ARB install. I would just consider using the firewall grommet instead of under the floor that he went with - that is well documented on here and...
  2. Rock Krawler maintenance & All brands suspension general conversation

    Been running them for 2 years now and they have not gone to war with the other brands on the Jeep. Californians and New Yorkers are almost the same ;)
  3. Who blatantly tows a camper OVER 3500#?

    This your prior Jeep? https://www.cbsnews.com/boston/news/buzzards-bay-boat-ramp-jeep-sinks/
  4. Who blatantly tows a camper OVER 3500#?

    This is far from the truth; if you actually did tow on a regular basis you would know that getting spot checked is not uncommon. Just 2 weeks ago they were spot checking everyone going into a local state park to make sure: 1) Propane tanks not time-expired 2) Vehicle tow rating and trailer...
  5. ↕ The Great Shock Debate ↕

    Call AccuTune and talk it through with them. They are good guys. I love my 2.5 Fox's they tuned but I am sure the King's they tune are also excellent. I prefer the bigger diameter as the Jeep is heavy and can use all piston area you can get.
  6. Who blatantly tows a camper OVER 3500#?

    I am not here to disagree that the standard or how they are set is horse-shit. I can tell you if you have an accident while towing over the limit you will have issues as they take this seriously. I have also seen the police stop and check for proper tow ratings and proper safety systems in...
  7. What is an unpopular opinion you have in the Jeep community?

    1) Sahara model is for your wife, daughter, or mistress. The only worthwhile Jeep is a Rubicon unless you build out a Sport. 2) The 392 is stupid in a Jeep. Cool but stupid. 3) All the bullshit over colored and flashing light shows and crap 4) Teraflex is shit.
  8. Renting your winch for 30 seconds

    My winch costs a couple beers at the end of the day.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Wife took Jeep in for service as some concerns....
  10. 392 XR Whoops! Overturned @ Cleghorn Trail [Recover Video Added]

    So many things that are off in this video; the fact that the two other jeeps were not able to back out of the chute to make some room is really baffling.
  11. Borla Climber Touring exhaust installed on 2.0L JLUR

    It works on e-torque with zero issues - have been running one on my 2019 since they released the Touring Climber.
  12. Dealers getting caught and fined. Anyone hear of this before?

    Koons is horrible. Completely horrible. I had a Bronco FE on order from them and they bent the rules as the owner wanted it for his son so even after we agreed on a price he decided on a very large "market adjustment" Not worth fighting over it so took my deposit and walked. But this class...
  13. Are Xtreme Recon crate axles w/ 4:56 gears available from the factory yet?

    The XR axle housings seem to be available for around $900 "empty" so I suspect full axles will show up soon.
  14. What a Metal Cloak Front Diff Skid Looks like after 18 Months.... Time to replace

    They have an updated skid for the front; call them and they will sell it to you separately. It solves this issue as it's captures on the rear of the pumpkin as well; like the NV skid.
  15. Battery Coolant leak disables 4xe on the trail

    Water will get you home. Then just flush the system and fill with the proper stuff as soon as possible. Just make sure the water is clean and free from chunks of stuff that could clog the system up. No different then if you blow a radiator hose. All modern coolant systems are now calling...
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Even with the factory turbo it is well known that the ICT's can get pretty high as the liquid to air system just doesn't have a lot of heat rejection capacity - it is buried into the radiator stack. I also have an improved turbo on the Jeep which did help the boost come on much sooner and...
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Liquid to air intercooler upgrade on the 2.0L. Just waiting on the mating connectors to power the fans. Ideally want them to only run when reservoir coolant above a certain temp - but for now they are going on one of the aux switches.
  18. Battery Coolant leak disables 4xe on the trail

    I believe the issue is the 4xe doesn't really have independent systems; like the e-torque 2.0L doesn't either. The issue is the generator is 48V and charges the lithium pack. There is also a 48V to 12V convertor that charges the conventional 12V battery from the lithium pack. If the 48V...