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  1. M/T Gear Position Sensor?

    Hi all, So this afternoon, got a recall notice for my 22 JLUR 6mt, figured it was for the clutch recall but new one on me Gear Position Sensor recall: Anyone else get this. As I have never had issues with my backup lights. Regards, Jim
  2. Tazer 3 Horn beeps started again?

    Hi all, Weird thing I've had my Tazer installed since February with the updated firmware and the 3 horn beeps went away, only got it if I opened the tailgate. Today at the gas station I closed my driver's door and 3 beeps at first I thought maybe another Chrysler product, but got in and out...
  3. Longer Receiver

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to post but hopefully it will help you. Clears a 35 12.50's, little pricey but glad a local place had it in stock. Regards, Jim
  4. Spin on oil filter adaptor?

    Hi all, Came across this and wondered if any has done this conversion https://www.baxterperformanceusa.com/product/ms-201-bk-cartridge-to-spin-on-adapter/ Wanted to know if it's worth the effort or just a gimic Regards, Jim
  5. Tailgate Data Plate

    Hi, I have had my 22 JLUR since March and recently noticed the data tag calls out 35" tire or is this a generic plate although seen them without any tire size and mine is a standard Rubicon so came with 33's, so maybe I got a XR plate by mistake? Regards, Jim
  6. Sirius xm Channel Skip

    Hi, Not sure if this is the correct forum to post and if not please move. 22 JLUR 8.4 I set my channels and locked or skipped all the channels I didn't want to go through, and this morning and a few of my presets are suddenly on the skip channel list? Wtf... Anyone else had this? I also...
  7. Performance Pages from SRT?

    Hi, Was curious if anyone has added these to their Jeep Uconnect? Have them on my Dodge Challenger and again just wondering if they could be added. Regards, Jim
  8. Key Fob JL can you use Renegade One?

    Hi all, Seen several posts regarding key fob size and a few list one from a Renegade 2016 or 2018? Have same tech. If so has someone had a Renegade fob programed for their JL? As would rather have a smaller one and the Renegade looks the same as my Dodge Challenger fob as far as size...
  9. Door Warpage?

    Hi, Just got my 22 JLUR and my wife actually noticed this but the front doors by the lower hinge are warped, we checked out 4 or 5 others at the dealership and all had the same thing. Anyone else notice this? Regards, Jim
  10. MOPAR Knuckles, Iron or steel?

    Hi, Just curious as I thought I had read the XR knuckles were forged steel, yet have also read they are the same as the JT yet also read JT/Moab knuckles were iron. So which is it? Iron or steel and if both what are the part numbers for each, as have yet seen a post that spells this out...
  11. Michigan Sold: WTB Rear JL Tow Hook

    Hi, Looking for a rear Tow hook, black or red, let me know what you have Regards, Jim
  12. 35x12.50r17E rim and tire weight 106lbs?

    Hi, I have a 22 JLUR 6mt 4.88's with the spare tire reinforcement on order and just got a set of Mopar Performance rims, think 29-30lbs and looking at a set of Trxus as have them on my Dodge truck except they are 76lbs, should I be worried about the weight as had heard the tire carrier is only...

    Hi, Out of curiosity has anyone swapped a Gladiator rear steel bumper on a JLU/JLUR? Regards, Jim
  14. JL Manual Transmission Questions

    Hi, I am researching getting a new JL with a manual transmission. I recently got a newer Challenger with a 6mt trans and wondering if the Jeep transmission has the same bad devices such as a clutch delay valve (CDV) or a Skip Shift, and if they are on the Jeeps are they easy to disable...