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  1. Engine is terminal 5 Months Past Warranty only 34k miles

    Shit, sorry to hear it man. Hope you're back up and running again soon.
  2. Who's Rocking Back Window Stickers

    Meh, 2 Candian winters killed mine. And I bought another set. Lol. ;)
  3. Fingers crossed for corrosion repair

    The hinge is aluminum. It isnt galvanic corrosion. It's shitty paint and water ingress.
  4. OCD or Tredsdert

    All this thread proves is that people have no clue how crippling and debilitating actual OCD is. Anal retentive is the term you're looking for.
  5. Someone Broke into my Jeep; advice, tips?

    A screwdriver wedged in will easily pop them. But yes, it keeps honest people honest. Theyre cutting hood wires now as well.
  6. Someone Broke into my Jeep; advice, tips?

    Kill switch is pretty easy.
  7. Someone Broke into my Jeep; advice, tips?

    I look at it as coming up with a way to not spend money that's wasted. For instance, wiring up a kill switch to the push start button, is a much better way to spend a few bucks, I hear. ;)
  8. Someone Broke into my Jeep; advice, tips?

    You can literally pull those hood locks open with your hand. Even the Bolt doesn't work as they just punch it with a flat tip.
  9. Someone Broke into my Jeep; advice, tips?

    Look behind your glove box, theyre using the Star rail to steal them. And check horn and head unit fuses.
  10. What does this do??

    Wtf is a "rebel sheep"? Lol.
  11. Water drivers side floor board

    The irony of the following tip is not lost on your username. ;) Fire up a hose and let it "rain" and look for where it's gaining entry.
  12. Shift Stuck in Park

    Welcome to Jeep ownership. Congrats on your recent purchase.
  13. Rubicon x weak points?

    I feel like a heavier wallet is an improvement as opposed to a lighter one...... ;)
  14. Jeep winter storm prep.

    I didn't say it wouldnt start. I'm saying a smaller gas engine starts easier and quicker in the cold.
  15. Jeep winter storm prep.

    The 4Xe has a gas motor that will struggle less to start in the cold than any diesel. Lol
  16. Situation Wanted

    Just get one of the small booster packs and keep it plugged in until you need it. No requirement to worry about trickle charge. As an aside, I've had the Cascadia VSS for 3 years on my 21 OEM batteries. Never had an issue at all.
  17. Hopefully my stupidity and temper helps others while making you laugh

    That's a terrible story that we have all been through. What it isnt is OCD, though. Ask anyone diagnosed if they will switch with your "OCD" vs theirs. Lol. If it's any consolation, mine got chipped as well but I wasn't spending the money. Then it blue screened and dealership would cover under...