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  1. Best Trolling Threads?

    I'm sure there are many, but It might be fun to see which Trolling threads have gotten the best of us. Here is one of the best(first onelisted)as far as I'm concerned. It's still going. Here is a lost of what people listed...
  2. AGM vs FLA Batteries and our Jeeps

    I've been doing some reading on the difference between the AGM and the Standard(FLA) batteries. FLA(Flood Lead Acid) . it seems the big weakness our AGM batteries have is that once they are fully discharged, by the crappy Aux Battery, their lifespan is now cut short. The AGM likes to be...
  3. Fixing Chips in the Windshield

    Time to pick the brains of the Jeep Community. My Jeep has another Star shaped chip, a little bigger than a quarter. My wife says not to get it fixed for free, through our insurance, because insurance companies now consider it a claim and our rates will increase. So, I decided to order one of...
  4. What would it take to get you to trade your Wrangler for a Bronco??

    Just a Hypothetical question. As we all know, the JL is plagued with gremlins, as is the Bronco. But, it's hard to deny the Bronco has some appeal. I like the look of the Bronco, and the Wrangler. Here is what it would take to get me to switch to a Bronco. 1. Put the Coyote 5.0 into it. 2...
  5. What Steering Stabilizer are you Running??

    I am shopping for a new Stabilizer, and am curious to know what aftermarket Steering Stabilizer everyone is running. Why did they purchase it? Also, are they satisfied with it, and would they buy it again?? .
  6. Ditch the 0w-20 before its too late.

    Since almost new, my 2018 JL started to have a ticking sound from the engine. It would develop into a clattering sound, like a diesel. This was when it was running low on oil. One quart and it went away. The clatter then was around almost all the time, especially when it was warmed up. Oil...
  7. JL Needed Freon. Surprise!!!!

    My 2018 JL has been making a noise, like it is possibly low on freon. No big deal, it has been indicating this for a couple of weeks, and I have the hoses and gauges to do the recharge. WRONG!!!!! The A/C blew warm yesterday, so I Looked up a video on it, so there wouldn't be a surprise...
  8. Jeep Gang!!

  9. Keep those injectors clean.

    First, I don't own A Diesel Jeep. But, I own a Dodge with a 5.9 Cummins, with Common Rail Injectors. It is 17 yrs old, but very well kept. Diesels are meant to be used, and used hard. Not to be used infrequently, as grocery getters, or like gas engine vehicles. I had used mine to get me to...
  10. A/C Makes Hissing Sounds

    First, no there isn't a snake in the dash. Now, my daughter drives the Jeep, and informed me of the sound. From inside, every once in a while I hear the A/C making a hissing sound. Like it is charging up. It still blows cold. The sound usually happens soon after the Jeep is up and running...
  11. BF Goodrich KO2 vs KO3 ?

    I keep seeing that the KO3 is superior to the KO2 tires. I like the KO2, but have always found the tread wears out, pretty fast, and they aren't the best in wet weather, when the tread wears past 50% or so. What are the improvements to the KO3 to warrant the change?
  12. Faraday Box, for the Key Fobs

    I've noticed a rash of Dodge and Ram vehicles being stolen in my area. All have keyless Fobs. The latest one was stolen in a couple of seconds, an expensive Dodge Challenger. All signs point to the fob being cloned. So, I ordered and received a Faraday Box from Amazon, for $15. Its big...
  13. I need new tires. Opinions on a couple of brands of tires.

    I've had a set of BF Goodrich KO'2 on mine for about 32,000 miles, and they are on their last leg. 285/70/17. I have met people who swear by the TOYO Open Country A/T, on their Wranglers. Any opinions, or experiences??
  14. DEATH WOBBLE. I'm now a victim.

    It finally struck. What everyone that owns a JL fears, the dreaded Death Wobble. Let me give a history of my Wrangler:E JLU Sport S. At around 1,000 miles I swapped the suspension and tires for Rubicon take offs, that had almost no miles on them. Everything has been great, the tires are...
  15. Catalytic Converter Relocation

    I don't know if thks has been discussed much, here. But, i have never liked the location of the 3.6 catalytic converters. They are up against the engine, and basically a part of headers. This makes it hard to work on things, and also produces a ton of heat, in the engine compartment, where we...
  16. Several Batteries Tested and Compared.

    Nice testing. I have always been a fan of the Everstarts. ..
  17. Aftermarket LED Bulbs

    I am contemplating getting some Beamtech H13 LED bulbs. From what I've read, they are adjustable. They make some with a cooling fan, and some.without the fan. Here is the one I am contemplating...
  18. Cryptocurrency.

    With the latest news about the crypto currency market taking hits, anyone here invest in it?? How's it doing?
  19. Replacing CP4/CP4.2 with the CP3 Fuel Pump

    I know its been mentioned, briefly around here. But, has anyone had their CP4/CP4.2 Injector Pump replaced.with the more reliable CP3?? I heard there is an adapter kit. .
  20. Diesel Fuel Shortage

    Apparently there is an all time low in supply, just before winter hits. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/diesel-prices-have-increased-most-in-these-10-states-amid-shortage/ar-AA13zAtN https://www.forbes.com/sites/rrapier/2022/10/30/why-the-us-has-a-diesel-shortage/?sh=75e1ef684064 .