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  1. CA Smog Inspection due already?!?!

    Took mine almost 1000 miles to reset
  2. U Joints for front Rubicon D44 / M210

    They are 1350 5-7166X https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sdh-5-7166x
  3. Lift vs larger tires for better offroad performance?

    https://motorsports.74weld.com/product/jeep-portal/ Lift and gearing all in one
  4. 2021 JLUR Diesel Build (10 years+)

    For the money they charge this is how the drivers side should come .
  5. 2021 JLUR Diesel Build (10 years+)

    While you have the opportunity, sleeve the 3 bolts on the driver side crossmember to frame attachment point . I just added the front and rear rpm long arms and the driver side needs to be like the passenger side . The frame will distort and crumple under the bolt tension.
  6. Exhaust gas sensor not ready

    Mine was over a month long period of hard acceleration, slow 4 low crawling , in city traffic and highway cruising with cruise control active . Exhaust gas monitor was last to complete after a complete regen cycle occurred. I had an incomplete regen cycle at around 700 miles that caused it to...
  7. Exhaust gas sensor not ready

    Mine reset after about 1000 miles of driving
  8. 3.0 Diesel fuel pump recall announced

    Just got scheduled, will soon see what part they are using
  9. BioDiesel dispensing 76 stations in CA

    Methanol and sodium hydroxide used to process the biodiesel can’t be helpful to the metals and rubber seals in the fuel system
  10. Retitled: Fuel Pump Failed 4200 miles

    What fuel have you been using ? Biodiesel?
  11. Basis for Time to Next Oil Change

    captured above the dpf info
  12. Anyone seeing less active regens with Bank's Derringer?

    I’ve never had any regen message on my 2021 , but I have had it run the fan at max speed for 10 minutes after shutoff . When I restarted it a hour later the banks displayed 8% ..
  13. Tuned Diesel 0-60, what are you getting?

    dana60/14bolt ,4.88s 40” Goodyear mtr tires
  14. EcoDiesel Lift and Tires

    SD60/14bolt ,4.88s ,arbs front and rear ..

    It has a set screw on the side of the handle
  16. EcoDiesel Lift and Tires

    3.5 metalcloak with 40” (actual 39.8) Goodyear
  17. Post your local gas/fuel prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Up .20 for the Memorial Day weekend travel
  18. Anyone with a Dynatrac 80 in the rear of a diesel?

    Working great , also has a 24” derale cooler