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  1. 4xe Rear Platform Build(s)

    +1, this is goose gear like stuff
  2. Rock Krawler 3.5" Lift help (4xe)

    I installed metalcloak 2.5 lift, it has a bow on driver side, I bought their correction pad and it is fixed. I think most springs are bowing toward outside of the jeep, interestingly yours is bowing toward inside of your jeep, good luck
  3. How has your JL saved your a**?

    string gray, I'm in Redmond, usually go to Richmond BC for asian food once every few weeks
  4. How has your JL saved your a**?

    I drove to Canada during the frozen rain last Christmas too, didn't make to our destination in Alberta due to highway closure but my Jeep took us home safe, also I think I saw your jeep at the border crossing line one time (not a lot of red wrangler with white wheels)
  5. North Seattle beginner run

    not sure now, I will let you know tomorrow :)
  6. Washington Sold: 4 AEV Borah wheels (JL spec, Satin Black) for sale

    4 AEV satin black Borah wheels for sale(JL spec), I bought them at northridge4x4 scratch and dent sale, so they are not perfect but totally functional. Two of them are in perfect condition, two others have scratches. All damages are marked in the picture, new one sells $311 before tax, I’m...
  7. North Seattle beginner run

    July 30th sounds good
  8. North Seattle beginner run

    interested, 21 rubicon 4xe with some mods
  9. Texas Jeep Go Topless Event Results in more than 100 arrests/Officer in hospital.

    The 22-year-old from China, a city in Jefferson County, Texas I was confused for a moment then realized there is a place in Texas called China. Learned something.
  10. 4xe Parking/Emergency Brake Extension for Lift/Droop

    https://teraflex.com/jl-4dr-4xe-parking-brake-cable-spacer-kit-3-lift.html Teraflex have a solution
  11. Question for new 4XE owners, is this normal?

    I had my 4xe for a year, mine did this noise everytime, then disappears after passing the first traffic light.
  12. E-Load 35" KM3s on 4XE Rubicon?

    with 104# weight tire\wheel combo how does your 4xe drive? feel a lot slower than berfore?
  13. E-Load 35" KM3s on 4XE Rubicon?

    if you are ok with different looking wheels maybe get a lighter wheel, some wheels run 25lbs each or even lighter, 5lbs less than your nv305, not a lot suck it up sounds most practical
  14. Metalcloak Wrangler 4xe Lift Kits Live (and install/clearance)

    finally finished installation after whole weekend doing all kind of gymnastics under the jeep, thanks for the help from OP @GATORB8 . I have to say their instructions have rooms for improvement, I need to read other manufacturers' for torque spec kind of stuff. 2.5 dual rate kit (not game changer)
  15. Metalcloak Wrangler 4xe Lift Kits Live (and install/clearance)

    trying to install mine, which instruction you guys used, there's only 392 kit and regular gas engine kit instructions, is there a 4xe dedicated one? https://metalcloak.com/installation-instructions#JLSuspension
  16. Sky One Touch vs Sunrider 4 Hardtop

    My lazy ass will never get to remove the hardtop, I will not even lift the freedom top, so SOT for me. Noise wise, same on road, when you drive under a bridge or in a tunnel I feel more noise coming down.
  17. Justification for an AEV JLUR

    I would buy a factory extreme recon JLUR and order AEV's front and rear bumper and call it done. I agree AEV is high quality but nothing beats OEM and you save a lot compare to a AEV built one
  18. Wish I was there

    I would really tempted to get off and collect some for a new set of 37s, and nice bronco!
  19. As a new 392XR owner...

    real world MPG?
  20. The Smoking Tire reviews 392 XR Xtreme Recon: Irresponsible, Antisocial, and Also The Best Jeep Ever

    My 4xe only has 3000 miles but I kept thinking about trading it in for a 392 XR. Only needs to go to gas station once in a month now, guess that won't happen if I pull the trigger