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  1. AMSOIL are you folks believers?

    Also may I add, the mechanic at the dealership said to now start using 5W-20 up from 0W-20 that I was using. He said 5W-20 for the rest of the life of the engine.
  2. AMSOIL are you folks believers?

    Yes buddy, under warranty
  3. AMSOIL are you folks believers?

    I did not know that. Thank you JD
  4. AMSOIL are you folks believers?

    About 4-5 months ago Pete.
  5. AMSOIL are you folks believers?

    Pete, great post and I have to agree with you. I baby this Jeep, I don’t put a load on the engine until the idle kicks down. So I basically let it warm up even in the summer. Use quality oil, never lug the engine (stick shift), very few cold starts, (garage kept), always disable that stupid ESS...
  6. AMSOIL are you folks believers?

    Thank you for the video Jim. It was interesting. I watched the whole video
  7. AMSOIL are you folks believers?

    It wasn’t that long. It started pinging even with premium gas. Then sometimes misfiring (Jeep would idle shaky) then came the engine light. Then came the phone call from the dealership saying “we have the engine apart”. Probably a course of 4-5 months
  8. AMSOIL are you folks believers?

    Hi Jeep family, unfortunately after only 4 years and 49,000 miles I'm getting new left and right cylinder heads because of worn cams and lifters. I never abuse her and changed the oil with Penzoil Fully Synthetic every 5k. My question to the people in here much smarter than me is should I switch...
  9. 3.6 Bad Cam and Lifters - Possibly something more

    Hi folks, I'd like to jump in here and say at 49,000 I'm having both heads changed. It started with pinging and a knocking noise inside the engine. Then the engine light came on. Put it in the dealership figuring they'd say it's normal. To Jeep's credit when I called the next day the secretary...
  10. Door hinges - grease?

    Yes buddy, a tiny dab of white lube and your doors will slip right out every time.
  11. Is open Jeep a dying art?

    Good post. The one negative about naked Jeep, if you go to 3 different stores you have to stop home 3 times because there's zero security with naked Jeep.
  12. Is open Jeep a dying art?

    No Judgement here either Charlie but I am fascinated how some don't open the Jeep potential. I have neighbors, a husband and wife with Wranglers. They've never once opened their roofs of took off the doors. I wonder when passing them with the naked Jeep if there's any envy. To each their own...
  13. Just Ordered Amp Power Steps

    My Jeep's garage kept so they're still working fine.
  14. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    I too still get compliments on the color. I got 3 in one day a couple of weeks ago. I guess too that the color grows on people. Most posting now are having positive opinions but if you check the beginning of this thread most seemed negative. I remember seeing a lot of "its a chick color" from...
  15. Centerforce Clutch Installed on JL Rubicon

    Thank you so much DJ, I do like the softness of the OEM clutch it's nice to know that it's close to the original. I'm going to just move on and when it's time I'm probably going to speak to Centerforce and Southbend. Hopefully by then they'll be restocked.
  16. Centerforce Clutch Installed on JL Rubicon

    1st thing: Chris don’t apologize for reopening this thread as your post is extremely valuable. I’m still on my original clutch (26k)and have been avoiding the dealership to not get that engine detune. When my time comes I was all in on a Centerforce clutch but am now getting a little scared. I...
  17. How many use a screen protector on the display screen?

    I’ll admit when I’m wrong and I was wrong about this. I posted somewhere in the beginning of this thread that this wasn’t necessary because you can’t see fingerprints when the screen is on and you can just clean your screen. I see though that it’s more than fingerprints, there are worn down...
  18. 2021 Jeep Manual Transmission

    I have a stock Sahara with original wheels. I find the trans to be perfect. Also better than the JK manual. My only disappointment is you don’t get much engine braking when descending a hill. You have to use your brake to keep the Jeep from rolling too fast. I’m not even sure that’s the...
  19. Long Island New York Meet Up

    I do J, I try to go every other weekend. City’s a dump
  20. Is open Jeep a dying art?

    So I now have to make punishments for my wife and get this…my mother in law who now has jumped on the “it’s too windy” or “I’m chilly” bandwagon. I wait through the long chilly Fall and long cold winter for the what? maybe 25-30 days between 70-83 degrees we get here in NY. Using the Jeep only...