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  1. 2023 20th Anniversary 392 - Overland Build

    Any chance you could share some more pics of the compressor? A video would be awesome too! .
  2. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Not mine. Cool pic though:
  3. Picture Thread: Where I'm At 🤳

    Not mine. Cool pic though:
  4. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    Wow, great looking Jeep! Very tasteful mods! Keep the pics coming! .
  5. Debating debadging

    . TTT for more debadged pics! .
  6. Rubicon Upgrade To XR/392 Wheels

    . Looks great - can’t go wrong with OEM+! .
  7. American Adventure Lab + Iceco fridge slider debacle/project on my '24 392

    . Nice set-up, thanks for sharing! .
  8. Stellantis changes the terms on my 36mo Lease!!

    Meh. You have three strikes working against ya: 1. Driving a plug-in hybrid. 2. Leasing a vehicle. 3. Reading comprehension. .
  9. What happened to this Jeep!?!

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing! .
  10. What happened to this Jeep!?!

    This accessorized mojito Wrangler was used by Jeep for the debut of the JL platform. What happened to it? Did Jeep own it? Do they still own it? Was it sold? Anyone seen it lately? Any recent pics? Curious what happened to it?
  11. Fluid Film for undercarriage for rust protection?

    ^ Thanks for sharing the details - much appreciated!
  12. Fluid Film for undercarriage for rust protection?

    Is Surface Shield similar to Fluid Film? Curious if it remains wet and “creeps” into seams and other hard to reach areas?
  13. PPF and ceramic coat

    Ah, makes sense - thanks for sharing the details, as I was really curious about that. Please post some pics after the decals are reapplied and the first wash is complete. Looks great!
  14. PPF and ceramic coat

    Wow, even removed the Rubicon hood decal? Did they order you a new one?